Year 9s – information about the next academic year

11th June 2020

Dear Students and Families of Year 9,

Firstly, we are hoping you are all keeping safe and well. We miss you very much, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again as soon as we can.

Secondly, we would like to give you some information about the next academic year. Obviously, for most of you, there will be no move to a different school and we’re pleased to be welcoming you into our first ‘Year 10’ group.

In your next academic year, we have ensured that you have a Student/Pastoral Manager who will be supporting you through your Key Stage 4 journey.

For you, as Year 10s, the Student Manager at The Castle Rock School will be Mr Elderton, whom you all know and who is very proud to be leading you into Key Stage 4. For The Newbridge School, we are very pleased to welcome Ms Caplan, who has previously been a Student Manager at King Edward VII College and has a lot of experience working with Years 10 and 11.

Mr. Elderton or Ms. Caplan will be contacting your parents/carers in the next two weeks, to ensure you are not only keeping healthy and managing your well-being, but also to talk to you about your option choices.

We want to ensure that we offer you the best possible opportunity to succeed at Key Stage 4. During these last few weeks, you have missed a lot of schooling and although we really appreciate the work you are continuing to complete, we also recognise the learning you have missed.

As a Trust we also recognise that we need to improve outcomes at Key Stage 4, and staff from across all secondary schools within Apollo have been working together to see how we can begin to achieve this.

Having worked with national consultants and visiting other successful Key Stage 4 schools, we have taken the decision to slightly reduce our curriculum offer at GCSE. It is clear that schools with good outcomes offer a more concise curriculum, building on prior learning contained in subjects delivered at Key Stage 3. Therefore, to help you get the best results you possibly can, we have removed a small number of options from our Year 10 offer. Whilst you may not be able to study these subjects at GCSE level, this won’t affect your ability to progress and study them at A-Level, where we will be offering them in our Sixth Form.

If these changes affect your choices, Mr. Elderton or Ms. Caplan will be discussing this when they call.

In the meantime, please continue to stay safe and keep positive as we look forward to the next stage in your education.

With our best wishes

Mrs J Patrick
Executive Headteacher for The Castle Rock School & The Newbridge School
CEO The Apollo Partnership Trust

Mrs K Farragher
Head of School
The Newbridge School

Mr M Gamble
Head of school
The Castle Rock School