Year 6 transfer to Apollo Secondary Schools – update

10th June 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,

Transfer to Apollo Secondary Schools

Normally in June we would be busy getting ready to welcome our new Year 7 students for their induction days at the end of the term. Due to the current circumstances we find ourselves in, we are unable to run our induction days this year, but please feel rest assured that your child’s transition from primary to secondary school still remains a priority for us across the Apollo Partnership Trust.

Many of the activities that take place during the induction days in July will be replicated when the students join us after the summer break. The new term will begin with special induction days for the new Year 7 students. It will be an exciting time where students can meet the rest of their tutor group, and have time to get to know their new tutor. When students join us in the Autumn Term, they will spend time with their tutors, going over their timetables, completing induction activities, learning about the school, and becoming familiar with the routines of the school day and week.

We will, of course, show students around the school site, and this year this will be made slightly easier due to the Year 7s having their own designated space (The Year 7 Base). This will be a specific area where your child will have the majority of their lessons, separate from the rest of the school.

The transition phase from primary school to secondary school is an important time for our students, and we want to make sure that we give this the time it deserves when your child joins us. This is even more important due to our current circumstances.

Prior to your child joining us, we will also be releasing a number of resources for you to share with your child, hopefully helping to answer any questions you, and they may have.

  • 12th June:  A virtual tour of your child’s secondary school will be released on the school website alongside a list of Frequently Asked Questions for transition.
  • 15th June onward:  Starting on the 15th June, you will receive a phone call from your child’s secondary school.  This will be a chance for you to ask any questions you may have and for us to get to know you and your child.
  • 19th June:  A video introducing our schools Care and Guidance teams and Year 7 tutors will be released on the school website.
  • 26th June:  A video introducing the Apollo Senior Leadership Teams will be released on the school websites. 
  • 26th June:  A series of activities will be placed on our school websites which give your child a taster of some of the subjects we offer at Key Stage 3. The activities will be optional for students to complete but will give them an idea of the type of work they will be studying at secondary school.
  • 2nd July:  This would normally be our Induction Evening where parents get the chance to meet their child’s tutor. We are currently planning on holding this meeting virtually, and we will contact you nearer the time with instructions on how you can join an online meeting to meet your child’s tutor.

Should you or your child have any immediate questions, please email us on:

I hope you find the listed resources useful and we look forward to getting to know you and your child better over the coming months.

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Patrick

Executive Headteacher for The Castle Rock School and The Newbridge School
CEO Apollo Partnership Trust