Year 10 Extension Insurance.

We have now secured extension insurance for the year 10, this will include our web filtering from home.

The insurance covers the same as the previous policy – which is accidentally damage and theft. – they are not insured for loss.

To make this process simple, we have created an insurance portal.

How do I sign up to the the portal?

Signing up the the portal is really simple, go to

Click into the  ‘Register with your school’ box and us the shop code: NEWADT26-26  

click join to get started with your order.

If you would prefer to buy a new iPad, we can offer this as a ‘Buy Outright Option’ @ £362.00*. This includes a New iPad 7th Gen, 2 years insurance, warranty, case and screen protector.

*If you are a new starter in year 10 or have previously not bought an iPad through the school let us know before ordering.