Visitor Guidance

We are delighted you are going to visit the school and hope that this guidance helps you to feel welcome and prepared.

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The Newbrige School
Forest Road, Coalville
Leicestershire, LE67 3SJ
Tel: 01530 831 561 Fax: 01530 276440

We have 2 Car parks, one at the front of the school and one around the back. We will always find a space for you.
Two disabled spaces are provided in front of reception.

Signing in
Please sign in at reception where you will receive a badge. Toilet facilities will be pointed out to you on request.

Emergency Procedures
Fire exits are clearly marked in all areas. A siren will sound if evacuation is required.
If you are in the office area or the library you will go outside the front of the school.
For all other exits you will proceed to the hard standing area at the rear of the school.

You will never be alone with the children unless you are visiting school as a health/education professional with enhanced DBS clearance.
A teacher will supervise the pupils so that you can enjoy the contribution you have agreed with your host.

The following equipment can be provided on request.

  • OHP
  • Laptop/projector
  • Interactive Smart touch screen
  • Flipchart
  • Technical Support
  • CD player
  • Video/DVD/TV

Our Diner supplies a full range of  “healthy” food and we serve balanced meals using home cooked locally sourced fresh ingredients. A vegetarian option is available every day. We ask adults to queue for service just as the children do.

Newbridge, and its site, is a no-smoking institution.

We ask all our pupils to be polite and helpful to everyone, especially visitors.
We ask all people present in school to treat everyone with mutual respect regardless of age, gender, reason for visit, etc.
If you have any special requirements or would like a guided tour for example; we will be delighted to help. We ask visitors to be sensitive to the fact that our pupils are aged 11-14 and come from diverse backgrounds.
Bad language and chewing gum is not permitted on the site.

Newbridge constantly focuses on learning. Your visit adds realism, excitement and relevance to lessons. We really appreciate you giving of your time and expertise so that the pupils learn even more effectively.
To this end it may help you to use the following check list to aid preparation.

  • You are clear about how your visit fits into the curriculum; it is not just a one-off stand alone.
  • You know exactly what you expect pupils to have learnt by the end of your visit.
  • You know the age group you are to meet and the level to pitch the contribution so that it is appropriate.
  • Your approach will be pupil centered.
  • You know the approach that the subject teacher is expecting so that pupils learn.
  • If pupils will be asking you questions, the subject teacher has prepared you for what to expect.
  • You have been invited to ask for any equipment, assistance or copying you require.
  • You know how many pupils to expect.

Looking forward to your visit.