I was recently introduced to a book written and illustrated by Luke Adam Hawker entitled ‘Together’

It is a short story about a huge storm that brings significant and sudden change and how a man and his dog navigate their way through the uncertainty that it brings to their lives. They face the difficulties of being apart from others and come to the realisation that by pulling together they are able to move through difficult times with hope and an appreciation of what matters most in life.

The parallels with our recent struggles with Covid are clear. The recent pandemic has reinforced an appreciation of family and friends and the support we give to each other. 

At The Newbridge School, we are constantly reminded of the difficulties that our students have had to overcome, and we recognise the importance of our community in supporting them to be the best that they can be. We have all been extremely impressed with how the majority of our students have returned to school this year, they have demonstrated real resilience, perseverance and empathy

With the upcoming assessments for some of our students we understand that some might become anxious and have their wellbeing challenged. 

At The Newbridge School we have staff who are able to offer the support our students require, and there is always someone they can talk to.

The Apollo Partnership Trust has a mental health and wellbeing team who can provide assessments and interventions for our students. In order to improve access to our services we are developing a referral tool that is based on the iThrive Framework. This will be available on our websites soon.

I would like to leave you with this quote from ‘Together’ by Luke Adam Hawker:

“In slowing down, we woke up to the most important things of all.”

-Mr M Rowbottom