Times Of the Day

July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

As we move towards the end of Summer term, I can honestly say it has been unlike any other that I have known in thirty three years of teaching!

We are currently planning for our primary pupils and secondary students to return at the beginning of the Autumn term. At the moment we are waiting government guidance regarding the full re-opening of schools in order to ensure the plans we have in place are compliant with this guidance. I will write to you with further details as soon as I can. In the meantime, could I please ask that you do not contact any of our schools regarding re-opening. Thank you.

In addition to the current situation, we continue to get ready for the ‘age range change’ of our secondary schools. A part of this change has enabled us to look at the times of the school day.

We have discussed three different options with staff including one starting much earlier, one starting much later. Staff unanimously felt that an 8.45am start with a 3.00pm finish would be the most beneficial. This will enable after school clubs, sporting fixtures, further specific tuition and revision classes and our Twilight Club to take place after

This also means reducing the duration of lunchtime slightly. We have been able to increase the number of places students can purchase food across both The Newbridge School and The Castle Rock School to allow easy access at both break and lunchtimes.

The proposed times are as follows:

Before we finalise these times, we would appreciate your thoughts and ask you to please complete the on-line form on the following link by Monday 6 th July:


Thank you for your continued support as we drive forward change and especially your support during this particular
Yours faithfully

Julia Patrick

CEO Apollo Partnership Trust
Executive Head The Newbridge School and The Castle Rock School