Times Of Day Update

July 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you to those who took time to respond to our consultation regarding changing the times of the

school day at The Castle Rock School and The Newbridge School from the start of the Autumn term 2020.

Your responses are currently being collated and will be presented to the Chair of Trustees for


We had a total of 216 responses, of these:

  • 107 were in support of the changes
  • 15 were a general no to the proposal
  • 5 preferred a later start
  • 6 preferred a later finish
  • 59 were concerned about the length of the lunchtime
  • 20 didn’t have a preference but asked questions
  • 4 were not taken into consideration due to the content of the response

Therefore, we will be presenting the changes to the Chair of Trustees, with a caveat of considering the length of time of lunchtime, in response to the number of comments we have received regarding this. We very much appreciate your feedback. Over the Summer we will respond to any concerns you have made individually. May I also add a warning note, that due to the current situation regarding Covid, lunchtimes may remain shorter to allow minimal contact, however, we will be taking your points on board.

Many thanks

Julia Patrick

CEO Apollo Partnership Trust

Executive Head The Newbridge School and The Castle Rock School



Download (PDF, 419KB)