Summer School 2021

Year 7 Summer School

16th – 20th August 2021

The Newbridge Summer School was offered to all of the new year 7 intake and was attended by 105 of our new students out of our cohort of 150.


The Summer School supported the transition process, provided advice to students about mental health and wellbeing, and helped students to catch up on missed face-to-face learning. Staff worked with students to make the move from primary school a happy and enjoyable one. The activities allowed the children to get to know each other, familiarise themselves with our expectations and familiarise themselves with their new secondary school. 


Every day, we had 8 staff working with the 4 groups of students. This included primary staff from our feeder schools, as well as teaching assistants and teachers from Newbridge.  Some activities were run by our staff and some were run by outside companies. The staff were fantastic, not only did they plan fun and engaging activities, but they also provided endless encouragement and enthusiasm throughout the week, ensuring our students felt safe and secure in their new environment. 


The week started with a day out at Beaumanor Hall where the students took part in a range of team building and challenge activities. This was a great way to start the week with students making new friends.

The rest of the week was spent in school with a variety of activities for the students to take part in. Each day started with an assembly and a Numeracy Ninja Maths Activity. It was great to see the scores getting higher by the end of the week as students became more confident. 

Other activities included cooking, art and crafts, orienteering using IPADs, an escape room, Maths problem solving activities, a “talk the talk” workshop with a focus on well being and improving oracy skills, rounders and football, drama workshops, a Wallace and Gromit workshop which involved making penguins from plasticine and stop-frame animation activities and a poetry session.

The week ended with a celebration assembly which recognised students’ achievements across the week. 

Students were catered for and had their own menu to choose from daily. 


There was a great atmosphere throughout the week and lots of smiles from the students too, who tell us that it has made them feel more comfortable and confident in starting in Year 7 this term. 

We have received positive comments from parents too:

Over the course of this week I’ve gone from having a wary, somewhat nervous daughter in the midst of her transition to high school, to a smiling, happy and excited girl who was beaming from ear to ear to let me know she’d made a new friend.” 

“I’m sure you’re fully aware of the nerves and worries these new children face on their transition to the next key stage of their education, but you should also be aware of just how much this week has helped and given certainly my child a lot more confidence about the whole situation and for that I’m extremely grateful.” 

It really was a positive experience for all involved.


The Department for Education funded the Summer School through a grant totalling over  £22,691

This funding was used to provide: 

Staffing for teaching, support and administration £ 16,404

An activity day at Beaumanor Hall, including transport  £ 1,663

Food and refreshments for staff and students £ 2,174

Workshops for Students £1,346

Resources for teaching/activities £1,104

TOTAL £ 22,691