iPad Information – Leavers

Unrestricting iPads

  1. Clear any outstanding balance/payments
  2. Backup anything you want to keep, including photos or work.
  3.  Email iPads@newbridgesch.uk to confirm you have backed up the device and you are happy for it to be remotely wiped. Don’t forget your name and tutor group.
    You must state in the email “I have backed up everything you want to keep and ready for it to be wiped”.
  4. Our IT Department will remotely wipe the device and email you back to confirm it’s been done.  iPads will be wiped in Batches; we endeavour to do this as soon as possible
  5. Sign back into your iPad and create your own Apple ID – Do not use the schools email address,** do not restore from an iCloud backup as it will put the restrictions back on.

** You can keep your existing Apple ID and any purchases made by signing into https://appleid.apple.com/ and updating the email address for the account; click here for more information on the process. 

Please be aware, once we unrestrict the device it is no longer protected by the schools filtering system. 
This process will involve remotely wiping the device and all documents stored on it, including photos. If student’s want to keep these, we recommend creating a personal Google Account and backing the documents up to there.
We will not wipe devices until we have received confirmation that you are happy for us to do so.
Whilst the device is being wiped it is advised to have it plugged into the charger, you must have the device switched on and connected to the WIFI.
After the device is wiped, the ipad will go through the normal iPad set up process. Do not use your school icloud account to set it back up. If you do not have an icloud account you can set a new one up by following the instructions provided on the iPad.
Newbridge will provide written confirmation of change in ownership – from the school to the student.
If we are unable to wipe the device remotely – Please pop into Newbridge and the Technicians will be happy to assist you.