Student Guide to Insight

Student Guide to INSIGHT
INSIGHT provides parents access to a range of information.  This includes:

  • Your Timetable
  • Positive and Negative behaviours
  • Homework

Download INSIGHT User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I access Insight?

You can access Insight on the front page of the website by clicking on this icon:homepage-logo-220-150-insight
You can access Insight directly by typing in this link:
Or you can access insight with the mobile app, which is available on iOS and Android.

To link the app to the school scan this qr code:

I am unable to login, how do I find out my details?

To logon to INSIGHT use your computer username and password, if you are unsure of this speak to the Technicians.
Usernames are year of entry followed by your initial and surname.
A student called Jo Bloggs who started in 2019 would be “19jbloggs”

How do I change my INSIGHT password?

To change your INSIGHT password logon on to a computer and press control, Alt, Delete and select change password.
If you are unsure see a technician and break or lunch time.

Viewing INSIGHT via your tablet or mobile device

Please be aware, not all mobile devices support the INSIGHT website. Although devices such as an iPad will allow you to use INSIGHT, it is optimised for use on desktop computers and laptops using Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers preferably. If you login using a tablet or mobile device you may find that not all functions of INSIGHT may work.