Taking selfies is a popular past time for lots of people, there’s nothing wrong with a few smiling happy snaps, but what happens if you find out your child has sent something more revealing. It is important to remember a quick snap can have long term consequences. Early intervention and talking to your child about this could help prevent potential problems. selfies

Has your child shared a nude selfie?

If you’ve found out that your child has shared a revealing pic or video, don’t panic. There are things we can do and advice we can give to getting out of hand. CEOP have produced a range of factual videos to help tackle ‘nude selfies’. They are packed with good information and advice on nude selfies, why they may have taken them, what to do if they have sent one, talking to your child about the situation and how to get help and support.

Understanding why?

It’s important to keep things in perspective and plan how to talk to your child. Remember, however stressed and anxious you are feeling, your child is probably feeling more so.

Talking to your child:

Ongoing conversations with your child about sex and relationships including nude selfies is the best way to tackle any potential problems. It might be a bit embarrassing at first but you will form a better relationship with your child and they will feel comfortable opening up and talking about whats happening.

What Parents and Careers need to know:

Where to get help:

The school is always available for help and advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Below is an interview about ‘sexting’ filmed on “This Morning”
If you have any e-safety concerns please visit our CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency) page of the website.