The internet is a major part of life from grocery shopping to socialising. It’s a great way to gain knowledge, talk to friends, explore and have fun but it is important to know and understand the risks involved. Whether you understand the technology or not it is important that you talk to your child about how they are using the internet. Talking to your child and being involved is one of the best ways to keep them safe online. Preventing your children from the using the internet or mobile phones will not keep them safe in the long run. It is important that they know the risks and what to do if they feel uncomfortable or in a situation they don’t understand.

Tips to Staying Safe online:

  • Discuss it early and often
  • Be involved – Explore online together
  • Use parental controls to filter, restrict and monitor use.
  • Know who your child is talking to online
  • Be age appropriate
  • Set clear rules, boundaries and time limits.
  • Check privacy settings together and often
  • Make sure they know what to do if they have any issues.
  • Explain why your children should not give out personal details online
  • Teach your children to be sceptical about information they read online.
  • Teach your children how to block and report any behaviour or content which makes them feel uncomfortable.

Questions to ask your children:

  • Do you really know everybody on your ‘friends’ list?
  • Do you know how to use and set privacy and security settings? Can you show me how?
  • Do you ever get messages from strangers? If so, how do you handle them?
  • Do you know anyone who has made plans to meet someone offline that they’ve only ever spoken to online?
  • Are people in your group of friends ever mean to each other, or to other people, online or on phones? If so, what do they say? Has anyone ever been mean to you? Would you tell me about it if they were?
  • Has anyone at your school, or anyone else you know, taken naked or sexy photos and sent them to other people, or received photos like that?

CEOPS – “Romeo and Juliet.”

CEOPS – “Where’s Klaus”
If you have any e-safety concerns please visit our CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency) page of the website. We are always available to talk and give advice if needed.