A password should be unique to you, a bit like your fingerprint or your toothbrush.
You wouldn’t share your toothbrush with everyone, so don’t share your passwords.
It is essential to have a strong password to keep your information and files safe.
You should try and choose a password that is at least 8 characters and try to make it a mixture of numbers, letters and characters. Passwords are case sensitive so having a mixture of upper and lower case letters will help too.
Creating a strong password:

  • Use at least 8 characters, the longer your password the better.
  • Includes Numbers, Symbols, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters: Using a mixture will create a stronger less hackable password.
  • Not an obvious combination like your name or your pets name followed by your date of birth.

Example of a good password: “TGoyf1&5” Upper and lower case letters, Symbols and not an actual word.
Example of a bad password: “Password” or “abc123
If you struggle to create a password, try using completely random words that you’d remember and put them together.
Dangerous Dictionaries Potatoes swing
Add a number or a symbol in there and you’ve created a really strong random password.