SMSC and British Values

At Newbridge we are committed to preparing all our students for life in modern Britain and promote and teach British values. In this way we not only develop students as successful learners but also as confident individuals and responsible citizens.
We recognise the ever changing, multi-cultural and multi-faith nature of the UK and the vital role the school has in making sure that no-one is subjected to intimidation or radicalisation by people who aim to influence them.
We actively promote equal opportunities and will not tolerate any discrimination against any individual or group, regardless of ethnicity, faith, gender, sexuality, financial or political status.
At Newbridge the principles of British values are embedded in everyday life, and we promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding across and beyond the curriculum (see Programme of study attached in the PSHE section)


Students are involved in democratic processes and representation such as:
Voting for and volunteering for:

  • School council
  • House captains and Inter form sports reps
  • Newbridge Ambassadors
  • Lunchtime leaders
  • Sports leaders
  • Anti-bullying leaders
  • Eco team members

The school council adheres to democratic processes and has a constitution reviewed annually and an Anti-bullying charter. The school councillors organise and analyse the results of an annual Healthy Schools survey which collects the views of all students in the school.
Students are involved in decision making at the school e.g. student panels, regular student voice and uniform etc.
Students are taught about:

  • Britain’s democratic parliamentary system
  • Some of the history of British Parliament
  • Human rights
  • Stereotyping and prejudice
  • Liberty
  • Different beliefs and the dangers of extremism
  • Etc

(See PSHE PoS on the School web site)

The rule of law

Students are taught our rules and expectations regularly and these are reinforced everywhere with praise, house points, awards, recognition and Book of excellence. They understand the needs for rules and how to make choices.
Specifically taught through our:

  • Assertive discipline system and our CLEAR/PROUD rules
  • PSHE lessons in Tutor time
  • Practical subjects such as ADT, Science and PE
  • SMSC and Citizenship lessons in HCC
  • Assembly programme
  • Visits from our PSCO in Drugs education lessons and assemblies
  • Theme days especially CoCo day

Our EP and Citizenship lessons teach that the freedom to choose a faith is protected by law
Students enjoy the celebrations for those who do well with our:

  • House points
  • Rewards system every 6 weeks
  • Book of Excellence
  • Progress File
  • Achievement assemblies
  • Citizenship award
  • Screens around school
  • Newbridge News

Tolerance of those of other faiths and beliefs

Our EP curriculum looks in depth at a broad range of different beliefs and faiths, religions and cultures and  in Art, Drama, music and Dance students study a range of styles that originate in other cultures and cultures.
Assemblies and theme days are used to explore a range of different faiths and beliefs
In English the students read a variety of literature including texts that explore and challenge stereotype , discrimination and prejudice
In HCC students are taught how to discuss and debate whilst respecting the differing views of others and are assessed for their developing skills.
Our status as an “International schools award and fourth generation Healthy school is ell evidenced.
Students have the opportunity to go on a residential trip abroad each year in Activities week and in the same week can make a choice to develop skills and talents in a multi age group for the whole week often involving trips to cities, great works of art, places of business and industry and exhibitions of other cultural artefacts etc.
In Citizenship, EP and PSHE Tutor time, students are able to share views in a safe environment and to discuss social and moral issues often involving current affairs.
In Cookery lessons  students look at foods and diets around the worlds and influenced by culture and religious observance.
In all classes we group students together so that they can socialise with children from different ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds and religions a enable students to develop a range of social skills by working together in different ways and provide extra tutoring in social skills if they need it.

Mutual respect

The AIM OF THE SCHOOL places respect at the centre of our mission as does our strap line “Respect and courtesy always”. Mutual respect is at the heart of our values.
All staff model  the behaviour they expect of students in their relationships with each other.
Our Sports college status conforms our respect for the values of sport which are posted on the back of every report card contracted to students whose behaviour needs to improve.
Newbridge was awarded the Beyond bullying award in January 2016 following scrutiny of over 120 separate pieces of evidence.
Students learn about PLTs and are assessed in their development of them formally which is reported to parents in June each year.

  • Self- manager
  • Reflective learner
  • Creative thinker
  • Team worker
  • Independent enquirer
  • Effective participator

Students are given the opportunity in and out of lessons to:

  • take advantage of opportunities
  • Exercise responsibility
  • Work together
  • Sow initiative
  • Extend their social and cultural experiences.

Individual liberty

The personal development, behaviour and welfare os students underpins all we do at Newbridge. We invest a lot of time into creating a positive culture where freedoms are encouraged and where students feel safe and secure to make their own choices.
Students have key roles e.g.

  • Reading mentors
  • Librarians
  • Sports leaders
  • Newbridge Ambassadors
  • Lunchtime leaders
  • Anti-bullying leaders

Every tutor group designs, plans and delivers a tutor group assembly to their year group
Students are encourages to make choices and have a safe environment to do that.
Students learn about the link between risk and consequences and are taught how to make safe choices e.g.

  • E-safety
  • Sex and relationships education
  • Drugs education
  • Personal safety
  • Liberty

Our Assertive discipline plan is based on individual decision making, rewards  and consequences.
Our extra- curricular opportunities are numerous and include performing arts, strategy games, sports and more. Our Activities week in June is hugely popular giving students an opportunity to express themselves in a mixed age group setting working together all week towards common goals.
At Newbridge school we recognise the importance of preparing young people for life in the modern world and upholding the fundamental British values that make our country so great.
The education of British values is present throughout our curriculum as well as being discreetly taught in our assemblies, EP, PSHE Tutor time lessons, Health Ed, Citizenship and Careers lessons.
Our annual theme days are planned with a spiral of workshops, visitors and sessions for each year group appropriate to their age:

  • Awe and wonder day
  • Community Cohesion day (CoCo)
  • Environment day
  • World of work day