School Uniform

  • No one should be wearing:
  • A skirt shorter than just above the knee
  • Leggings, jeggings, skinnies or jeans
  • Any footwear that is not plain black

Permitted (must be removed for PE)

  • Small, neat, simple jewellery
  • Simple stud or small ring earrings (no bigger than a 1p piece)
  • Very discreet make up
  • Very small piercing studs with no connectives
  • Discreet hair colouring


Strong, smart plain black footwear with sensible heels (no sandals). If pupils wear trainer style shoes the white or coloured markings must be blacked out. Thin, fragile pumps or baseball shoes are not suitable.
The entire footwear must be black, this includes the soles.

Permitted Footwear examples:

permitted shoes1

NOT Permitted Shoes examples:

Not Permitted Shoes 1
Wellingtons are permitted to school but not around the school.


Coat/waterproof (not denim)

PE Kit

Trainers for indoors, football boots (3G approved only) for outdoors
Optional: tracksuit bottoms, base layer tights (for under shorts) or sports leggings in navy or black

PE uniform pack

1 pair of navy Nike shorts
1 pair of navy football socks
1 Nike training top
1 Outdoor navy hooded sweatshirt for outdoors

Not Permitted

  • Clothing with violent or offensive images
  • Denim of any sort
  • Tracksuit tops or bottoms (except for use in PE)
  • Sweatshirts with any logo other than ‘Newbridge’
  • T-shirts
  • Expensive or valuable items (including jewellery, i-Pods, mp3 players, bluetooth speakers etc…)
  • Mobile Phones (hand in at the office)
  • Canned drinks, high energy or caffeine or drinks in glass bottles
  • Chewing gum
  • Aerosol sprays
  • Dangerous items
  • Long or long false nails
  • Dangling/hoop earrings
  • Tongue, nose or lip piercings.

Note about Chewing Gum in school

No-one should be using chewing gum on school premises at all. It causes many problems for  our cleaning staff and not to mention hygiene reasons. Students who are seen chewing gum will be asked to put it in a bin and will be given a blue slip if out of lessons. If a student is chewing in class they will receive a stage.

Not in uniform?

If a student has to come to school without the set uniform for some reason they should bring a note of explanation from home, e.g. occasionally for medical reasons pupils may have to wear loose fitted clothing. Students should present their note to their tutor first thing in the morning to be issued with a green slip. Students with no note from home, who are not in correct uniform, will be issued with loan items we keep in stock. Failure to follow this guidance leads to a punishment. We are very keen to work with parents to ensure all pupils arrive smart and appropriately dressed for school.

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All clothing and shoe examples on this page have been taken from the asda / george wesbite; where the permitted clothing is readily available to purchase. (also available from other retailers)