Newbridge Rewards Points

The Rewards System 2020/21

The rewards system is designed to give students a sense of belonging and community, teach and reward the behaviours, skills and qualities that will help them to be successful at school, in further education and beyond. It also encourages them to become involved in activities and to go on to be active citizens in later life.

This year the rewards system has changed to help students gain even more points and maintain more contact with home.

Every student will be given 10 reward points each day for:

  • Being present
  • Being in uniform
  • Having equipment
  • Being on time to school and lessons
  • Doing as you are asked
  • Completing homework on time
  • Behaving well
  • Working hard
  • Being polite and respectful to others
  • Treating the site with respect
You can also earn points for:
  • Taking part in sports teams and fixtures for the school
  • Inter-form (the higher place you finish in, the more points you get)
  • Attending clubs (1 point per session attended)
  • Leadership responsibilities (up to 5 points)
  • Being a librarian
  • Promptly returning loaned library books


Newbridge is a good school and we expect every student to behave this way – we will give students these points everyday because we trust they will do it!


BOOST (additional points +1):
Staff can issue BOOST points for:
Exceptional work
Exceptional effort
Representing the school
Book of Excellence entry
Showing exceptional perseverance
Excellent test scores
All A’s for behavior, effort and homework on reports
Anything else that is really exceptional
PENALTIES (removes points -1):
Staff can issue PENALTY points for:
Being issued with a stage 1,2,3 or 4
Being issued with a blue slip
Being isolated
Missing a detention of any kind
Not completing homework
iPad misuse outside of lessons
Lack of equipment
Late to school


Reward Categories:

At the end of every six weeks (the school year is divided into 6 weekly blocks), the students will be placed into a category depending on their number of Penalty and Boost points.
Gold and Platinum students get a non uniform day and better Rewards trip at the end of the year. Platinum students will be invited to a special event with the Headteacher. All students will get a text home telling parents how well you’ve done for each 6 week block. More penalty points? More chance of being on contract

End of Year Trip:

The points from all 6 blocks are added up and the students who fall under the different categories gets the chance to go on end of year trips depending on their final category. The trips can be places such as Ten-Pin Bowling, Ice Skating at the Snowdome, Alton Towers or Drayton Manor Theme Park!
Every student starts as being in the Gold category so in theory each child has already gained their place on the rewards trip. All students need to do is maintain their gold status by doing the right thing and they can’t go wrong.

As well as the points system:

Newbridge particularly wants to recognise the hundreds of students who behave well in lessons so that they (and other students) learn, achieve, enjoy their lessons and make progress.
Every student deserves to be taught in a lesson where:

  • Students listen attentively
  • Keep their hands, feet, and unkind words to themselves
  • Students encourage others and contribute in a positive way
  • Students can enjoy their learning