As part of our commitment to being the best we can be, we have recently worked with staff and students to further develop the work that can be seen in students’ workbooks.

We have spoken to students in detail about the idea of showing in their books that they are PROUD, and these expectations set the standard of presentation we expect from all of our students.

The PROUD acronym stands for:

P             Always having a black pen and a pencil.

R             Using a ruler for any graphs, diagrams or underlining.

O             Oops! Make sure you cross out any mistakes with one simple line.

U             Underline the date and title with a ruler

D             Each piece of work should include the date and a title.

Students should come to school daily with a pencil case that includes the following basic equipment:

  • Black pen(s)
  • Pencil(s)
  • Ruler
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Green pen
  • Protractor
  • Scientific calculator

We have also spent time working with staff within our school to make sure that the marking and feedback of student work is more consistent, facilitates students’ progress, and allows students time in class to act on feedback.

Workbooks show each students’ individual journey through the curriculum and contain key knowledge, skills practice and teacher feedback. Well presented, detailed and organised learning in workbooks will assist students learning, especially when they revise their prior learning in preparation for assessments.

Once again, we thank our parents for their support in helping us to continue to raise standards to ensure that every student gets the educational experience they deserve.