Potential Name Changes

September 2019

As you will know, we are currently in the process of changing the secondary education provision in Coalville and its surrounding villages, as our three secondary schools become two, with a shared sixth form. A great deal of planning and preparation is currently being undertaken to ensure that the change ahead is the best it can be.

Wherever appropriate, we would like to ask parents/carers and the wider community for their thoughts and opinions as we move toward this change.

The time has come to consider a possible change of name for the two secondary schools. In summary The Newbrige School is to become an 11-16 school and Castle Rock High School/King Edward VII are to merge to become an 11-16 school with a shared sixth form for both schools based on the King Edward campus.

 There are two options:

  1. To remain as Newbridge School and Castle Rock School – Please note we have suggested Castle Rock rather than King Edward VII, as it is the lead school within the Apollo Partnership Trust. In addition, the main entrance to the merged school will be the current Castle Rock entrance.
  2. To change and decide on new names.

All of the schools have played an integral part in shaping the local community. In addition, there are many memories of attending the schools held by our community, including myself and many other staff.

The original ‘Grammar School’ was on the current Newbridge site, as many of our local community will remember. The Coalville ‘Secondary Modern’ was on Bridge Road. In the 1960s when King Edward VII was built, Bridge School relocated to its current site and became ‘Newbridge School’.

We are unsure of the exact history behind the name Castle Rock, but have been informed by local residents, that the ‘Castle’ refers to the Motte and Bailey Castle in Whitwick and ‘Rock’ refers to the volcanic rocks above Warren Hills, which are some of the oldest in the world.

After a great deal of thought and discussion with the Trustees of Apollo, the Principal at King Edward VII and the Heads of School at Castle Rock and Newbridge, we would like to propose that we keep the existing names. Whilst during this change we are extremely forward thinking, we feel it is important to honour the legacy on which the foundations of education in Coalville are built.

To register your opinion please click on the following link: https://forms.gle/ijNgURg5YL7eb3Ee6  the link will close at 9.30am on Monday 30th September.

Thank you for your consideration in this decision.

Mr J Patrick
Apollo Partnership Trust

Click here to download a copy of the letter