Mobile Phones & Electronic Devices

The school acknowledges that parents for different reasons may wish their children to have a mobile phone on the way to and from school. Students whose parents allow them to bring a mobile phone to school need to follow the rules:

  • Students must hand their phone in to the office either before or when the bell goes for morning school. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that it is switched off.
  • Students must not keep their phones on their person, in their bags or in their lockers.
  • The office staff will provide a phone card to represent the safe storage position of the phone where it will be locked for the rest of the day.

If students use their phone on the site before or after school they are:

  • Not permitted to film, record sound/ voice or photograph any other individual on their personal mobile phone, regardless of them having been given consent.
  • Not permitted to use their mobile phones to download or display inappropriate material/ images.
  • Not permitted to send harassing or threatening  messages or multimedia messages to any individual, including students, all staff, partner educational institutions, any organisation which the school is associated with, or any business that provides services to the school (this includes bullying of any kind)
  • Not permitted to communicate in any form to any individual under false representation of the school.
  • If an incident occurs on site whilst students have their phone, they should seek help from  school staff first before calling carers, family members or other students. To do so could hinder first aid response, any investigation by staff, social care, medical persons or police. It also has the potential to exacerbate a situation, possibly causing disruption.

(The head teacher and Governors, in accordance with school policies and rules will have absolute decision on what is considered as “inappropriate”).

Appropriate action will be taken against any student who photographs or films other individuals without their consent, downloads and displays inappropriate material, or who send harassing or threatening text messages or multimedia messages. Such activities will be reported to parents or carers and dealt with under the school behaviour policy. Where they constitute a criminal offence, the police and social care will usually be involved.

The school is not liable for any loss, theft or damage of mobile phones.

School Productions

Parents or carers are allowed to take photographs of their own children during a school production or event. It is recognised that other students may be included whose parents have not given permission for that photograph to be taken so the school asks that photographs are not published on social networking sites.

All activity that takes place on the school site including trips and visits is under the jurisdiction of school.