ast week the Cambridge Dictionary unveiled their word of the year for 2021: Perseverance ( 


Perseverance is defined as “continued effort to do or achieve something, even when this is difficult or takes a long time.”

On the Cambridge Dictionary website they explain that the reason they chose this word for 2021 is because “the word perseverance saw a high number of searches on Cambridge Dictionary throughout 2021, with more than 243,000 views so far this year. The greatest peak in searches occurred during the week of 18–24 February, after NASA’s Perseverance rover made its final descent to Mars.”

Perseverance is also one of our Apollo Character Values, along with respectempathyindependencekindness and listening. Our Character Values are traits that we encourage and develop with our students, not only to open doors to employment and social opportunities, but also because they underpin academic success and young people’s happiness and wellbeing.

The six Character Values that Apollo promotes are skills and traits that will last our students a lifetime. Whilst academic success is of the upmost importance, our character values are equally as vital in order to be the best we can be.

Next week our Year 11 students will be sitting their mock exams. This term our staff and students have been working hard to prepare for these exams, and we have been impressed with the perseverance that our students have demonstrated in learning new knowledge and skills in order to ensure success.  

Year 11 sees students apply everything they have learnt over the past five years, and the Year 11 examinations are the final stage in this phase of their education. The examinations are not easy, but with hard work and determination our students will achieve the grades they deserve.

Independence is a vital component of academic success. We encourage all of our students to develop independent learning skills, and to develop effective revision habits from the start of Year 7.  

Our website has recently been updated to include a revision hub, and here you will find key information and links to help with independent study. Our Key Stage 4 revision page includes a booklet filled with revision strategies and links to GCSEPod, Oak National Academy and BBC Bitesize ( Our Key Stage 3 revision page will be added in the coming weeks, and we will be exploring these revision strategies further with all of our students as part of our tutor programme following the Christmas break.

We are sure you will join us in wishing all of our Year 11 students the best of luck in their mock exams, and we look forward to celebrating their successes with them very soon.