Pastoral Provision

On joining Newbridge, pupils will be attached to one of six Tutor Groups. A member of the teaching staff will be responsible for the group and will become a key person in your son/daughter’s life at Newbridge. They can act as a first port of call if problems are being experienced and in most cases will be your child’s tutor for the three years that they are at Newbridge. The Tutor Groups are named – N E W B R G, reflecting the name of the school.
Pupils receive reward-points for good attendance and timekeeping, good behaviour and working hard.
They receive points for being organised, keeping their planner up to date with managing homework and a link with home and for taking part in events and competitions.
Good attendance is also rewarded weekly as is smart uniform. Please see our ‘What to do if… guide’
Pupils get reward-points for a host of things and they add up to gifts and early lunches and for some an extra non-uniform day which pupils thoroughly enjoy.

Pastoral Managers

Head of Year 9 – Sally Vallance Head of Year 7 – Sharon Burder Head of Year 8 – Trish Richardson

Our pastoral managers oversee the academic, personal and social development of all the pupils in their division, aided by the team of tutors.
The Pastoral Managers are non-teaching members of staff who work regularly with families helping all pupils to feel settled and happy at school. They work with solutions and agencies to support pupils having difficulties or experiencing barriers to learning.
They will intervene where pupils are underachieving in a number of areas or behaving badly, alerting families and helping pupils to get on track.
On joining the school, pupils will receive a New to Newbridge Information Handbook which details the schools approach to Care and Guidance.
Outstanding Care and Guidance leads to outstanding education.
The transfer from a primary school to secondary school can be a daunting process for a young child. We will ensure your child settles quickly, which in turn will allow them to grasp the opportunities that Newbridge offers.
Newbridge also belongs to the Development Group of Schools. Helping pupils build their confidence as learners and achieve their best is our key task. We also set high value on the personal growth of our young people as citizens of the future. Our care, guidance and support is second to none.