Order iPad 2021-2022

1-to-1 Apple iPad Scheme is now open and will close at the end of November 2021

What’s included:

  • 9th Gen 64GB iPAd
  • Otterbox Defender Case
  • 3 Years Warranty / Insurance
  • Web-filtering from home during the scheme

You do not have to make a payment when placing an order for the iPad, the first payment is taken towards the end of August / Start of September.

All Devices on the scheme remain the property of Newbridge, until ownership has been handed over to the parent. 

How do I sign up to the the portal?

Signing up the the portal is really simple, go to https://newbridge.parentportal.biz/

Use code: NEW28-28

if you are entitled to free school meals, please email ipads@newbridgesch.uk for an alternative code.

Once loaded you need to ‘Register with your school’
use the relevant code below and click join to get started.
shop code:

If your child is moving into year 8 or 9, please contact the school for options available to you.
If your child is entitled to free school meals, please contact the school for a different portal code before placing the order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My child receives free schools meals

Please contact the school for an alternative shop code – as we are able to offer additional funding for the device.

My child has a problem with the iPad

If you have a problem with the iPad, if it has been lost or damaged you must let the Technicians know.
If the iPad has been damaged you must fill in this form and let the Technicians know.
If you suspect the iPad has been stolen you must contact your local police to get a crime reference number. DO NOT CALL 999

There is an issue with the iPad power adapter and / or lightening cable

Power adapters and their cables are covered under Apples limited warranty for the first twelve months, as long as there is no damage other than wear and tear.
You will need to contact Apple and they will repair or exchange the equipment at no cost. For more information, please click here.
Please note: Power Adapters and Lightening Cables are not covered under the insurance provided by Newbridge.

When will payments be taken?

Payments are usually taken at the start of the month, if you experience problems or notice payments are not being taken please let us know.

My Son / Daughter already owns an iPad

Students who already have an iPad will be allowed to use them at the academy but parents/carers need to be aware that they may be constrained by the filtering system that we have to use. Due to safeguarding procedures these iPads would have to be blanked and set up by the school (although you would still be able to re download any purchased Apps you have already bought). The owned iPad should also not be more than one year old. We also recommend that you take out insurance, which can be purchased if you wish through the scheme.

Staying Safe Online

We will be running a session about staying safe online, but for more tips please see our staying safe online section of the website.

Queries or More Information

If you need help or further information please contact: iPads@newbridgesch.uk

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