Newbridge Outdoor Learning and Play Area

The role of play and development isn’t confined to early childhood, yet many older children are usually denied the opportunity to learn from this kind of activity.
Here at Newbridge we wanted to change that! In January work commenced to build a super age related project.
Older children are often forgotten in playground planning. This can lead to isolation and even vandalism. When designed to meet the needs of older children, playgrounds can positively influence physical activity, social interaction and sense of community ownership.
More and more research concludes that physical activity and cognitive alertness are intertwined. When children are physically active, they often prove to be better at learning and managing well at school.
Around the world parents, teachers and authorities are worried about the decline in children’s health. Today, children struggling with being overweight outnumber those facing famine. Sedentary lifestyles have drastic consequences – not only for children’s physical health, but for their learning and social and emotional well-being.
What will the Newbridge Outdoor Learning and Play Area support?

  • Play for health
  • Play for learning
  • Play for social inclusion
  • Play for improved cognitive alertness
  • Play for improved motor skills
  • Play for developing problem solving skills

Headteacher, Mr Goacher said “I’m delighted that we have added this facility for young teens to develop their physical and social skills, to be active and to have fun. At Newbridge we aim to educate the whole child. Outdoor learning and cooperative play are an essential part of this.”
The equipment that has been specially designed for our students with their age group in mind comes with a huge amount of lesson plans and teaching aids allowing us to be able to bring the classroom outside. Effective learning will be fun! What a fantastic achievement for all.
Newbridge students have received an induction on the use of the equipment during their PE lessons. Students will have received guidance and support on how to use the equipment safely and respect the impressive new play and learning equipment at The Newbrige School Academy.