CoCo Day 2016

On 3rd March The Newbrige School students said ‘goodbye’ to their usual timetables to engage in very different lessons for Community Cohesion Day (CoCo Day).

Lessons concentrated on Community, understanding others, diversity, common values, prejudice, fairness and British Values.
The day provided a Year 7, 8 and 9 entitlement with visitors, activities and assemblies to compliment workshops/lessons led by staff.
Students discussed the origins of diversity in the Newbridge community, with some seeing the bigger picture nationally and globally.
They are able to appreciate how different cultures and groups shape the Newbridge and Coalville community.
Time was spent to reflect on students’ own origins and identity including exploring the notion of identity.
They explored and appreciated some of the foods, cuisines, art, artefacts literature, beliefs and religions from various cultures and origins.
Students explored and learned about some of the different racial, ethnic, cultural, religious and non-religious groups in the UK and the similarities and differences between them.
Newbridge students developed an understanding of the consequences of racial and religious intolerance and discrimination, and how to challenge discrimination including racism.
The workshops included:

Shelter Box
The basics a family needs to survive and considering how different life is for others
“The Art of the Miners”
e.g. Boy in Striped Pyjamas
Bride & Prejudice
Bend it like Beckham
Games from around the World
e.g. Kabbadi
History Walk
A tour of the locality for
Year 7
Meeting the team from trucks and trailers
A workshop about diversity
(Dementia Friends)
A talk on how young people can support others with dementia.
A Coalville life in the Past
Mrs Partridge describes Coalville when all the pits were operating
The Newbridge Tradition
3 way tug of war designed and developed by Newbridge students
British Values
Exploring and understanding fundamental British Values
Challenging prejudice
(Looking to Coalville’s future)

On CoCo Day students learn to respect others, to challenge stereotypes and prejudice.
Mrs Warren said, “Students had a stimulating day.  Year 7 learnt a lot from the local history walk and older students developed their understanding of human rights, whilst considering the ethics and values that bind us together as human beings.”