Modern Foreign Languages

“Languages are for life. Accept, understand and celebrate other cultures. Therefore, having the courage to challenge your linguistic ability will provide you with the ambition to succeed.”
Our aim at Newbridge is to develop excellence in language teaching and learning. We would like our students to appreciate, understand and be able to contribute to a multicultural world.
The MFL department has high standards and high aspirations of teaching and learning, celebrating the achievements of every student. We provide a curriculum which promotes active student learning and recognises and provides for individual differences, abilities and interests.
We aim to :

  • Enable our students to use foreign languages effectively for practical communication
  • Enable all students to achieve their full potential
  • Enable our students to understand the structure of languages and how they work
  • Enable students to make comparisons between their own culture and that of others
  • The work of the department has been recognised with Newbridge achieving the International School Award.


Pupils are taught in mixed ability tutor groups in year 7 and 8 In year 9 pupils are taught in ability based sets.


French is studied through a 3 year course and all pupils are able to use the ICT facilities to access language learning websites such as Linguascope and Atantot.
At Newbridge, pupils focus on acquiring all four language learning skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. These are assessed on a regular basis throughout the 3 years.

Course content

Our units of work cover the following topics:
Year 7 – an introduction to language learning and France, talking about themselves, family and pets, house and home, school and lessons and weather and nationalities.
Year 8 – home town and the local area, eating out and recipes and daily routine.
Year 9 – clothes and shopping, sports and hobbies, holidays, future plans and activities. Pupils also have the opportunity to complete GCSE tasks to help them prepare for Year 10 at the upper school.
Homework is set regularly and provides opportunities for pupils to practice and develop their language skills.


  • Trips to France
  • French breakfast
  • Email links with French school
  • How can parents help?
  • Encourage your child to buy a French / English dictionary
  • Use words and phrases at home
  • Help with learning spellings
  • Get your child to teach you
  • Encourage your child to catch up if absent
  • Encourage your child to use language learning websites at home and become an independent learner

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