Our Media course started in 2014. Pupils in year 8 and 9 currently take the course in the our purpose built Media Suite.  Pupils learn how to create and edit videos, they also learn to create animations; Which are then presented to their group.
Pupils use iPads to film their work, this is then transferred to the iMacs where students use iMovie to create the finished piece.
The second scheme of work, pupils learn how to take photos and develop photographic techniques. Pupils use a variety of cameras including iPads and digital SLRs. Pupils learn how to use photographic software to enhance and edit their photographs.
Year 8 Media
Year 8 take part in a Stop Motion Animation filming challenge. iPads are used to film a Lego animation using a stop motion animation app. Pupils also develop skills using Apple Mac technology. The animations are then edited and added to using iMovie.
Year 9 Media
Year 9 pupils increase their knowledge by making a film! They are walked through the process of lighting, camera, sound, props, script writing, continuity amongst other skills. The filming is carried out around school and edited using the Mac suite. Again pupils are extending their software knowledge with the use of the Mac’s and iMovie.