Here at Newbridge, maths and numeracy is an integral part of the school curriculum.

We plan to encourage and promote problem solving skills and techniques at all levels and across the range of mathematical topics, as well as encouraging students to recognise mathematical experiences in other curricular areas.

We endeavour to develop, maintain and stimulate pupils’ curiosity and interest in maths, through well planned lessons, high quality teaching and good quality teaching resources.

With an aim to develop vital skills including knowledge and recall, Newbridge Maths follow a curriculum that is accessible to all. We firmly believe that everyone can do maths and work with students to develop appropriate skills for that point in their learning journey. Pupils are taught in sets, according to ability, however there is fluidity between sets throughout the year. For homework, all students are given an online quiz that helps them test their recall of knowledge and application of maths skills. This is supported by detailed Knowledge Organisers that work alongside our scheme of learning.

As a department, we want to develop a positive attitude towards maths and its applications. We aim to provide students with the knowledge of how to use and apply maths, and its potential to enrich wider aspects of their education.

Below in a list of equipment needed by the pupils during their mathematics lessons:

  • Pen(s)
  • Pencil(s) For every lesson
  • Ruler (30cm)
  • Rubber
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Protractor
  • Pair of Compasses

Hegarty Maths

All students have access to Hegarty Maths, an online platform that has videos and quizzes for all areas of mathematics. It allows students to take responsibility for their own learning as they are able to access everything, whether we have set it or not. It also creates retrieval quizzes (memri) based on their previous answers and gives them the chance to ‘fix up 5’ previously wrong answers.