Knowledge Organisers

We are introducing a new learning initiative, which we believe is really going to make a difference to the learning and consequent achievement of your child. This is by no means something that Newbridge has created but nationally has proven to have made a significant difference to the progress made by all students, no matter what their ability. It is also a way that you as a parent can really help your child, something which parents ask regularly at parent evenings.

Why a Knowledge Organiser?:

Recent research in education has acknowledged that students need to have broader general knowledge and understanding of our world, hence the changes to the new GCSEs where students are expected to know a greater breadth of content. Having a broader knowledge base will put a greater emphasis on cross curricular learning, helping make more sense of the world.
If knowledge retention is improved, this will have a positive impact on levels of attainment and achievement, for all ages.

How it will work:

Every six weeks we will issue your child, electronically (or on paper if they don’t have an ipad) a Knowledge Organiser. This contains all the knowledge that your child will be learning in class and will be referred to throughout, teaching students the skills to applying the knowledge.

  • We will be asking your child to spend 1 hour, 5 days a week revising 1 or 2 of the subjects as directed by their homework timetable, or completing Doddle or mymaths work.
  • Teachers may direct students to learn certain parts of their organiser each week, they will inform you and your child of this via Insight in the normal way.
  • In lessons the teachers will give them mini quizzes along the way to help them see how they are doing.
  • At the end of the 6 weeks in each subject they will receive a 40 mark test of the knowledge learnt including 2 longer exam style questions worth 10 marks applying the knowledge.
  • These tests marks will be reported to you, so you can see how well they are doing.
  • The ‘other’ on the timetable is so teachers can set other work from time to time where necessary, this will be communicated via Insight, English doddle is set fortnightly and
    Maths also issue weekly retrieval work through, which has lots of videos and revision to support your child’s progress. These will be linked to on Insight.

How will I access the Knowledge Organiser?

A link to the Knowledge Organiser’s has already been added to your Insight account.
Parents and Students can access the knowledge Organisers through Insight (you must access in a web browser not the app)
Alternatively Students logged into the school website can access the Knowledge Organiser via google drive.
There is also an icon on the the iPads.
Students without an iPad are provided a printed copy, please ask at the main office for details.

How to do the revision:

Your child will be given an A4 exercise book in which they should do the revision for all subjects in. Half a page for each subject and they can revise using the suggested techniques that they have been shown in class and by using the ‘Knowledge Organiser Guide’. They must bring their workbook to school everyday to show the relevant teacher their work.
The techniques covered here will help you revise:

  1. Look Cover Write Check
  2. Word Up!
  3. Map Your Mind
  4. Test Your Mind

How you the parent can help:

  • Print off and pin up their learning timetable
  • Encourage and reward them sitting for one hour each night doing their revision
  • Test them along the way, ask them questions (you have the answers after all)
  • Make sure they bring their workbook to school each day
  • See our ‘Knowledge Organiser Guide’ which shows different techniques for revising, encourage your child to try out different ones

If you have anymore questions then please get in touch.

How to use a Knowledge Organiser:

Download a copy of the how to booklet here