Getting Started with your iPad.

iPad Case

With your new iPad in hand, the most important thing you’ll want to do first is protect it.

Following the video will allow you to correctly fit their case, protecting it from all those small bumps and knocks.

Alongside the main case is the ‘shield’ which as shown, can be used to both further protect the iPad, or as a stand for more comfortable use when typing, reading, watching videos, etc.

When fitting the case, be sure to securely attach the rubber seal.

If not fully sealed, the case may not fit in the protective shield, or will be difficult to remove; as well as leaving the iPad at risk of water damage.

Cables & Chargers

To further protect the iPad for damage, only use the provided or otherwise official apple chargers and cables.
Other brands, unofficial, or fake chargers are more likely to lead to serious damage.

To set up your email:

 Find the Settings icon.

Scroll down the left-hand collum until you find and select Mail.

On the right hand side select the “Add Account…” highlighted wth blue text.

From  the following menu choose Google.

This should prompt a request for Settings to use to Sign in. Press Continue from the options, and proceed to fill in our Childs’ School email and password.

Apple ID sign in details will have been sent to your Child’s email. If they can not locate the email, or are otherwise having difficulties with signing in, contact the IT Office, or email

For help involving your Childs’ Email, Apple ID, or Google Classroom, visit our iPad Self Help page for helpful tutorials from our own teachers.

For general information including, where students are allowed to use iPads in school, inappropriate usage and the consequences, and much more, visit the General Information page.