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1-to-1 Apple iPad Scheme

In September 2015, we introduced our 1 to 1 Apple iPad scheme to Year 7 parents and carers for the first time. Teachers and students use iPads in and out of lessons as a valuable tool for learning.

The iPad can be used by students in a variety of ways for learning and leisure:  researching by using the Internet, e-mailing, videoing, filming and photography, using a variety of apps to develop and extend learning in many subject areas, producing a variety of written and verbal assignments, developing presentations, reading books and news items, receiving push notifications and iBooks from staff and  a host of other uses. Some aspects of the technology will benefit young people with special educational needs and disabilities.
iPads will be leased over three years; at the end of which, the ownership will transfer to the parent.

Overwhelmingly the students have found the iPads great to use, developing their curiosity and motivating them as learners.

Placing an Order

Placing an Order

iPad's are ordered quickly and simply through our Partner portal.

I have an Issue

I have an Issue

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iPad Claim Form

iPad Claim Form

If you need to claim off the insurance you will be asked to complete our online form



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The Scheme and Affordability

Governors have been keen to ensure our proposal is affordable to all parents/carers whatever their personal circumstances. We have engaged a leasing partner to manage the scheme on our behalf.
To help keep the cost as low as possible the Governing Body has decided to subsidise the scheme. The governors also wish to stress the scheme is not compulsory, although we hope that most families will see the scheme offers fantastic value for money and will provide the students with a real opportunity to develop their learning.

How does the scheme work?

If you sign up to an iPad on the scheme, a monthly contribution is paid to use the device, this contribution includes insurance and warranty. At the end of the scheme ownership of the device is given to parents.

It is important to remember that the device belongs to, and is managed by Newbridge until all  ownership is transferred.

Breakages must be reported within 48 hours. 

There is usually no excess on the first claim but subsequent claims have a £25 excess charge. 

Devices insured with Burnetts have a £50 excess per claim

I already have an iPad, can I bring my own?

Yes, as long as the schools apps work with the IOS version.

Use of iPads in School

To use an an iPad in school we must have a signed copy of our Acceptable Use Policy, for devices bought through the school this is issued when the iPad is collected.

In lessons, iPads must be used under the direction of the teacher. Personal iPads need to be authorised for use and labelled with name and tutor group. The teacher will tell the students when to get iPads out ready for use.
All computers in school and mobile devices used between school and home must be used appropriately. The school reserves the right to confiscate devices and restrict access to the internet and Apps if rules are broken. School systems and storage will be treated like school lockers. Staff may review files and communications to ensure that users are using acting responsibly.
Users should not expect that stored files will always be private. Photo libraries may be viewed, for example.
The school reserves the right to confiscate or search any device if part of an investigation or safeguarding matter.
During school, teachers will guide students toward appropriate materials. Outside of school, families bear responsibility for such guidance, just as they do over other information sources such as television, telephones, movies, radio and other potentially offensive media.

iPads should not be used in the following areas:

  • PE changing rooms
  • The diner
  • The Hall when food and drink is being consumed
  • The toilets
  • In corridors
  • When they are moving from place to place
  • Outside unless directed to by a Teacher

Students should treat the iPad with care. Devices should be kept in their bag when not in use. The school will confiscate devices which are not being looked after properly.

Inappropriate use may include but not limited to:

  • Sending, ‘air dropping’ or displaying offensive messages or pictures.
  • Using obscene language.
  • Harassing, insulting or attacking others.
  • Damaging devices, systems or the computer network.
  • Violating copyright laws.
  • Using others’ passwords.
  • Trespassing in others’ folders, work or files.
  • Intentionally wasting time.
  • Inappropriate use of camera to take pictures or video, for example taking photos    of Staff or other Students without permission.
  • Photos taken in school should not be posted on social media without permission from the school.
  • Devices should not be removed from the protective case
  • Wasting time in school using the iOS device for non-learning activities, including playing games in lessons.

The school or/and the teacher will deem if the iPad is being used inappropriately or off task.

What is a restricted iPad?

Restricted iPads are reset to school apps only – this means any apps the student has put on will be deleted irrespective game progress or achievements.
iPads restricted indefinitely will only be unlocked when sufficient reward points have been achieved.
Confiscated devices will not necessarily be returned on the same day.
Additional Timed Restrictions – In some cases we restrict the time a student is allowed to use the iPad to and from.

Access to the AppStore

Students have the opportunity to earn the AppStore by staying in Gold for 3 consecutive blocks. However if the students uses this inappropriately, we may remove access.
Parents must agree that their child can have access to the AppStore; please be aware allowing your child access to the AppStore may expose the child to apps that are not age appropriate. We ask parents to ensure apps being downloaded are age appropriate.
At the end of a rewards block, if your child has earnt the AppStore, we will issue them with a permission slip that needs to be returned to the IT department.
We endeavour to block inappropriate apps, however if you find your child using an app that is not age appropriate, let us know and we will block it.

Staying Safe Online

Student iPads are filtered at home using our school web-filtering; However we still ask parents to be vigilant about the students use of the iPad at home.
If you have any concerns or would like to report an app you think is inappropriate, please email
For more tips and advice on E-Safety please see our staying safe online section.
Screen Time
With the introduction of IOS 12, we are able to use “Screen Time” which limits the amount of time students can use the iPad, if you would like to know more about this or would like your child’s usage limiting contact


If you need help or further information please contact: