Department vision

We want our students to leave us with the knowledge and skills that they need to understand the world that they live in.  It is this world that they will need to use and engage with.  We want our students to learn to cherish and appreciate the diverse world around them, to make choices that sustain it and make a positive difference.

Curriculum Organisation

Humanities are taught in three distinct subjects of Geography, History and Ethics and Philosophy (EP).  The students have the equivalent of one lesson per week of each subject.  Currently year 7 and 8 receive one lesson per week and year 9 are taught in blocks which allow for more intensive teaching.  Students are formally assessed at least once per term and there are opportunities in all subjects for both self and peer assessment.  Increasingly, and especially, in year 9 practise GCSE exam questions are a part of learning and assessment.  Students will all take a common summative assessment towards the end of each academic year.

Curriculum content and assessment

As a department, our aim is for our students to leave with a good understanding of the world around them, the people within it and why it has become like that.  We strive to engage students with their world and what goes on around them.  We also teach invaluable life-skills like observation, analysis and evaluation.  Our curriculum is updated often to fit with the latest teaching and learning strategies and subject content.  We liaise closely with the Coalville and Ashby family of schools to ensure a consistent approach to teaching and learning.

Some year 7 topicsSome year 8 topicsSome year 9 topics
SettlementEarthquakes and volcanoesIndia
FloodingAfricaWeather and climate
The RomansEnglish Civil WarJack the Ripper
The Black DeathIndustrial RevolutionThe Holocaust
JourneysMarriage and familyUltimate questions
ChoicesRights and FreedomsLife and death

Student groupings

Students are taught in mixed ability groups where differentiation is carefully considered and integrated into lessons.