Students can expect to be completing homework for two subjects each night which will take approximately 20 minutes each in Year 7, and 30 – 40 minutes in Year 8 and Year 9.
Working independently in this way is an important part of their education and develops study and problem solving skills.

Tips for Students
• Always check your INSIGHT account for any homework, keep notes in your calendar with alerts and alarms and use the camera facility in your iPad.
• If you don’t understand the homework – tell the teacher (you won’t be the only one).
• Do your homework as soon as you get home in a quiet place. If this is not possible, use the homework rooms at lunchtimes, or the library.
You can also use the library for half an hour after school, and homework club runs at lunchtimes in PC1 and PC2.
• Don’t leave homework to the last minute.
• Always hand homework in on time.
• If you are struggling, talk to the teacher, get help or ask for an extension.
• Pack your bag for school the night before.
• If you need to print homework off and have no printer either, send it to the teacher’s postbox or put on a memory stick to print off at school. Also, most teachers are happy for homework to be e-mailed to them.

Click here to download the Newbridge Homework Policy