Home Learning

Remote learning

It is important that when working from home that students have some structure to their day. Therefore, we expect them to follow their normal school timetable. All work will be posted on google classroom as in the previous lockdown. All students will be familiar with this learning platform.

Students need to complete the tasks and submit their work in the format requested by their teacher. Subject teachers will be online during the day, and will follow their own timetables to and will endeavour to respond to any emails and request for help as soon as they possibly can.

Our aim is to support effective academic progress for all of our students regardless of whether they are in school or learning from home.

Work for all subjects and year groups has been placed in the Google Classroom by specialist subject teachers.

Once in the virtual classroom, you need to click on ‘Classwork’ to find the work.

This work will mirror the work being taught in the classroom at any given time. All work completed should be shared online with the teacher via the ‘hand in’ tab on Google Classroom.

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to students and parents or carers about what to expect from remote education where national or local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) to remain at home. 

Student work will be set on google classroom, it can be accessed via an iPad, Tablet, Laptop, PC, Xbox and most other devices with a web browser.

Home Learning can be found in these classrooms. 

Year 7: rqikz5p

Year 8: 6hyguno

Year 9: qtb4mvo

Year 10: y4fi626

Year 11: n5sxkuh

We use Google Meet for live classes. 

This short video will give you some information about how Google Meet works.

Your teacher will always be contactable via email if you have any difficulties.

You can still access Google Classroom without a computer, tablet or iPad. Find out more with this handy guide.

Having problems with your iPad? View our Self help Guides

If you’re still having issues Email support@newbridgesch.uk

We have put together some information about staying safe online, if you area student or parent and would like to contribute to this section email support@newbridgesch.uk​


Useful resources to encourage your child to read

At Newbridge, we use OverDrive so that all students can access our digital library. To sign in, you will need your library borrower number. If you are unsure of what your borrower number is, please email:    Mrs Marshall – School Librarian.

We also subscribe to ‘The Day’ – an online daily news website that is specifically for students – essential reading for young minds.

Use our Reading Cloud Library to view:

Our selected book of the week 

Book reviews

Featured book authors

Our latest book arrivals

Our latest book returns 

Useful Links & Resources

We have put together a list of useful resources. 

Safeguarding children is everybody’s business. If you have a concern about a child whilst schools in the area are closed, it is important that you report this.

Apollo useful links for additional work and revision – which can be found here

Below is an additional list of useful websites students can access in addition to or they may be directed to by staff.





Shakespeare Learning Zone

Literacy Planet


Username for all years is year they started at Newbridge their initial and surname e.g. 19wshakespeare.
Password: for Y7: Newbridge19, for Y8&9: newbridge
Students enrolling after the start of Year 7 may have the following username format: WilliamShakespeare19

Hegarty Maths

Corbett Maths


Manga High


All logins are via Google Classroom except Corbett Maths – no login required. 


Art & Design