On 1 November 2017, we joined the Apollo Partnership Trust.Our ambition is to work together to provide a seamless education for pupils in the local area, between the ages of 4 -19, by offering new opportunities and a broader curriculum, to bring out the best in every student.

Who are governors and what do they do?

The MAT is run by a Board of Trustees who are also known as governors or directors. Their role is to support the Executive Head by agreeing the future direction of the partnership, its principle aims and values and by endorsing the plans the senior leaders develop to deliver those goals. The Trustees meet each term to monitor progress against the plans and there are sub-committees to look at topics such as resource management and educational standards in more detail.
Within Newbridge School, we have a ‘Local Governing Body’ or LGB, which is another committee of the Trust.
The LGB role is to look at the ways in which our school will deliver the MAT’s priorities. We work with our Head Teacher, Robert Prior, to agree the long term aims for the School. For us that means where we want to be in five years’ time and what we need to do to get there. We monitor the work of the School and make sure it is on track to reach our ambitions for the future. We don’t run the School on a day-to-day basis – that is the role of the Head Teacher.
As a LGB, we have our own role to play. This is summed up in the three areas we oversee:
Ensure clarity of our School vision, ethos and strategic direction;
Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the School and its pupils, and the performance management of its staff; and
The financial management of the School –to make sure our money is properly and well spent.

Newbridge LGB:

  • Chair of Governors:
    • Mr Martin Clifford (Community)
  • Vice Chair of Governors
    • Mr James Harrald (Parent)
  • Parent Governors:
    • Mr Martin Clifford
    • Mr James Harrald
    • Mr Duncan Kingham
    • Mr Paul Wardle
  • Community Governors:
    • Mr Roger Cairns
    • Mrs Tracey Morton
    • Mrs Yvonne Springthorpe
    • Mrs Fiona Williamson
  • Staff Governors:
    • Mrs Samantha Billington
    • Mrs Michala Brown
    • Mrs Katrina Farragher (Head of School)
    • Mrs Sally Vallance
  • Clerk to Governors:
    • Mrs Sarah Brookes

Register of Business Interests

The Academy has received declarations for the Register of Business Interests.   The declarations are that the following association(s) with which either governors’ immediate family or the governor are connected or which could be construed as area of pecuniary
interest.  The list below identifies any companies, charities, industrial and provident societies, co-operative societies, other school governorship, or other bodies corporate that (to their knowledge) are active in the Academy and in which the governor or any person closely connected with the governor have a substantial interest.