Trust Governance 

Apollo Partnership Trust (APT) was established in November 2017. Governance of ATP has three levels of accountability, overview and scrutiny: the Apollo Member Board, the Trust Board (MAT) and its Committees and Local Academy Governing Bodies (LGBs). 

Full details of Trust Governance can be found at

In summary the governance arrangements of the Trust are determined by the Articles of Association of the Trust. These provide three ties of Governance :

Members  –  with ultimate responsibility for the Trust achieving its charitable objectives. Amongst other Members hold the Trust Board to account for effective delivery of strategy in accordance with the values, vision and ethos of the Trust.                   

Trustees together with the Chief Executive, Trustees form the Trust MAT Board, responsible for strategic direction, policy performance. The Board holds the Executive to account for the effective delivery of policy and strategy and ensure compliance with company and charity law and with the Trust’s funding agreement with the Secretary of State.  

Principles of Trust Governance 

The Trust Board is committed to key governance principles and good practice including the principles and regulations of the Academies Financial Handbook. These include

  • annual self-review off effectiveness; 
  •  a Scheme of Delegation (“the Scheme”) – this sets out who is responsible for policy and operational decision making and the authority (Terms of Reference) delegated to Board Committees, including Local Governing Bodies (LGB) by the Board. The Scheme is underpinned by a system of assurance reporting. 
  • There are four Trust Board Committees –(Audit and Risk, People and Remuneration, Finance and Resources and Performance and Standards). An overview and summary of the Terms of Reference of each of these Committees is available on the Trust website. Annual Business Plans are agreed and in place for each Committee and LGB.
  • Local Governing Bodies – are technically also Committees of the Board, overseeing and providing assurance to the Board as to the effectiveness of local academy governance. 

Strategic (Board level) and operational (Local Governing Body level) risk management arrangements

Trustee and Governor Attendance and Declarations of Interest 2019 / 2020  

Newbridge School Register of  Business Interests

Name and Governor Status Date appointed Term of Office Possible attendance at meetings Actual attendance at meetings Interests declared
Ex Officio          
Katrina Farragher Head of School n/a n/a       3       3 None
Community Governors (6)          
Roger Cairns 21.03.18 20.03.22     3       2 Trustee : Apollo Partnership Trust
Tracey Morton 1.11.17 31.10.21     3       0 None
Yvonne Springthorpe 21.03.18 20.03.22     3       3 Social Worker, Leicestershire County Council
Vacancy – Position Vacant throughout the year  
Vacancy – Position Vacant throughout the year Vacancy  
Vacancy – Position Vacant throughout the year Vacancy  
Parent Governors (5)          
Martin Clifford (Chair) 21.03.18 20.03.22     3       3 None
James Harrald 1.11.17 31.10.21     3       3 Client Services Officer (Premises) Leicestershire County Council
Duncan Kingham 26.02.19 25.02.23     3       2 None
Fiona Williamson 26.02.19 25.02.23     3     1 None
Paul Wardle 26.02.19 25.02.23     3     2 None
Staff Governors (3)          
Michala Brown (Teacher) 26.02.19 25.02.23     3   3 None
Sally Vallance (Teacher) 21.03.18 20.03.22     3   3 None
Support Staff – position vacant throughout the year          

 Resignations during the year : none

Record of Governor Attendance