Ethos and Values

School Aims

In order to educate students who can think independently, behave responsibly and continue to learn successfully, we are committed to:

Developing positive attitudes to learning by:

  • providing effective teaching
  • demanding high standards of us all
  • offering a wide range of learning opportunities and support
  • ensuring continuity of education
  • recognising and valuing individual talents, interests and achievements
  • encouraging self-confidence in our ability to learn and progress
  • developing quality interactions between all people
  • supporting full attendance

Creating a secure learning environment by:

  • providing equal opportunities for all
  • treating each other with respect
  • fostering a safe fair secure place to be
  • making learning interesting, stimulating and active
  • supplying the best facilities and resources we can afford
  • maintaining a discipline system that demands high standards, with clear expectations of everyone′s behaviour and attitude
  • promoting good communication and dialogue between all partners
  • creating opportunities for all stakeholders to be heard and to offer suggestions for continuous improvement

Providing opportunities to release personal academic potential by

  • offering a broad and balanced curriculum
  • providing and sharing clear objectives for learning
  • differentiating resources, techniques and tasks according to individual need
  • offering the chance to work independently and with others
  • giving individual praise through the reward system
  • encouraging self-evaluation, commitment and setting realistic targets
  • informing students and parents regularly about progress being made
  • encouraging creativity and ambition
  • raising self esteem

Encouraging development physically, emotionally, socially, morally and spiritually by

  • involving students in an interactive pastoral curriculum to foster self-awareness, confidence, responsibility and independence
  • encouraging everyone to be happy, honest and tolerant in their relationships with others
  • offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • modelling positive behaviour by all adults in the school
  • raising awareness of a worldwide range of cultures, beliefs, practices and opportunities
  • valuing the contributions of all
  • preparing students for life in an inclusive society
  • teaching students the vocabulary to express their feelings successfully promoting healthy life style choices
  • ensuring regular exercise for all
  • advocating healthy meals/snacks
  • enabling well informed decision making