Using the iPad for English

Kindle App

Your child’s iPad has had the Kindle app preloaded onto it. The Kindle app does not require an Apple ID. This means that it can be used to download books for your child to read in school and at home. Kindle e-books come at a more attractive price, with many books that can be downloaded for free. Along with this, your child can download a sample of the book from the app’s ‘Book Browser’ to see whether they enjoy it. Also, the Kindle app has the added benefit of an in-built dictionary meaning your child only needs to tap a word to find out what it means. This is a great way to improve reading age and vocabulary. We hope that through the use of this app reading will become a more attractive prospect for your child with the ease, speed and functionality the iPad offers.
In order to make use of this app you will need to create an Amazon account for your child and then log onto it on the iPad app. If there is a book your child wishes to read, it can be purchased if you opt for ‘Buy Kindle Edition’ on the Amazon website. This will then automatically be sent to the Kindle App library ready for reading.
It is advised that the password for your Amazon account is kept secure and private from your child for safety reasons.
Children who are reading books through this app are welcome to use their iPad in their library lessons and silent reading sessions.
Please be reassured that The Newbrige School continues to stock and supply a wide range of books. The above is simply for your information and your child continues to have unlimited access to a wealth of free literature in the library and in English lessons. This approach is merely an option. The Newbrige School will also continue to encourage traditional paper book reading.

Audible App

Most children love being read to but this becomes a little more difficult as children grow older. A way of getting around this is by downloading the Audible app and paying a monthly membership, which enables readers to download an audiobook every month and download other audiobooks at a discounted rate. Your child could match their audiobook up with a book from our library and listen as they read.


Each iPad has a dictionary app downloaded to it. We also advise that you use the Cambridge Dictionary website because this provides helpful example sentences.