Design & Technology


Within Product Design students undertake a variety of design and make projects. Students will develop a wide range of skills including creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork and becoming independent, resilient learners. Alongside all this all projects will develop student’s practical skills. Students will get to use a variety of machines, tools and materials to create their design ideas using new and emerging technologies. With a new purpose built technology suite students have access to all this technology to bring their ideas to life.

There are excellent cross curricular links throughout all projects and embedded in all projects are literacy and numeracy elements.

Students in year 7 and 8 will complete two projects in Product Design, a 4 week project followed by a 5 week project. In year 9, pupils who have selected Product Design will undertake an 18 week course that is split into numerous, skills build projects that will instill in them the skills needed for their upcoming Design and Technology GCSE.

Year 7

In year 7 students will complete the following projects – Each project will help the student to develop their independence, resilience, perseverance and confidence.

  • Photoframe Skills Build Project.
  • CAD/CAM Maze Project.

As well as this students will experience and gain the required Health and Safety skills and techniques that they will need for their future in Design and Technology.

Year 8 

All year 8 projects will help develop student’s core design skills and give the pupils a chnace to use new tools and techniques to create a highly finished product.

  • IPad/phone stand project.
  • Earphone Tidy CAD/CAM project.

Year 9

The primary focus of this year is preparing the students for their upcoming GCSE. Students will, during this year, be developing and enhancing their basic practical skills as well as their design skills – Through several, small skills build projects that introduce them to the theories behind material properties, characteristics and advantages/disadvantages. Students will build a preliminary portfolio that will act as a form of their NEA (Non examination Assessment) in their GCSE.

The projects the students will complete are as follows:

  • Photoframe Skills Build Project (Enhanced).