NDanceHYear 7 students take part in two schemes of work. They spend the first 6 weeks learning about dance technique. Throughout this course students learn how to position their body correctly, build strength and learn key steps to improve co-ordination and balance. Assessment is done through performance and peer assessment to their own class.
The second scheme utilizes a key ingredient in dance, choreography. This course helps to develop creativity and independence. Rehearsal skills are taught and students are expected to be able to rehearse independently and in small groups. The work is modelled by the teacher before students create their own piece that is performed to the class and again peer assessment is used to assess the work.
Year 8 students have a very diverse scheme of work. They spend six lessons having a taster session on 6 different styles of dance from around the world, these include: Disco, Bollywood, Line Dance, Ballet, Contra and Afro-Caribbean. In groups they then build on the skills they gained in year 7 by choreographing their own routines inspired by one of the styles covered.
The second scheme of work is the study of Contemporary Dance; this again involves developing existing skills through choreography. However this scheme presents more challenging tasks; they will be asked to perform in duets rather than groups, the choreographic techniques used are more advanced and the process of creating the routine is very independent.