Curriculum Enrichment

Activities Week

Activities Week in June provides an opportunity for extended trips and visits further afield when interests can be built upon and new discoveries made.  Activities on offer have ranged from continental travel and cooking to stable management and dance.  We believe that a residential experience is a powerful way of allowing children to develop responsibility and independence.  We hope that all our students are able to take advantage of such an activity during their three years at Newbridge.   By collecting most of these activities into one
week, disruption of the curriculum at other times of the year can be kept to a minimum. Choices are made early in the year to give parents ample time to pay for the more expensive options.

CoCo Day (Community Cohesion Day)

On CoCo Day in March each year students find out about our community by visiting landmarks in the local area, consider what creates a supportive community and explore common values around the world.  They study responsibilities that protect human rights and learn from events of the past and present when human rights are not protected.

Curriculum Theme Days

Once a term we enrich our curriculum with a special theme for the day, e.g.  Awe and Wonder Day/Environment Day/Community Cohesion Day. These enable students to learn thoroughly and actively through a theme, often meeting visiting speakers.

School Council

All tutor groups elect a representative and deputy to be a voice for their views about school life.  All students can apply.  The Newbridge School Council is very active.  The minutes of their meetings are published for all.  Every year things change prompted by council lobbying and many hundreds of pounds are raised for the charities that the students choose to support.  The council runs a Healthy Schools Group and for the last few years a Year 9 Prom Committee.

Special Needs

Students who would benefit from extra support receive small group teaching, support in lessons and specialist intervention.   Extra transition arrangements are made.  For more information see the Prospectus or contact our SENCo.  (See Interventions including Learning Support page 12).

Trips / Visits / Outings

To enhance the curriculum and make learning even more stimulating, students have the opportunity to go on visits and trips.  You will be informed about these by letter.

World Of Work Day

Every year in the Summer Term all Year 8 students take part in an action packed PLT* day that shows them the skills employers and learning centres want young people to develop. Students practise these skills and learn about study and learning styles used during courses, and at work.
On the same day Year 9 spend the day shadowing a parent or trusted relative at work.
Year 7 students remain in school and experience a careers theme event, involving many visitors and interactive workshops about the world of work.  This day operates as part of the Careers Education Curriculum.
*PLTs = Personal Learning and Thinking Skills


We are fortunate at Newbridge to welcome a number of visitors to enrich the learning experience.  Students learn from the people who are actually involved in the work/field and often the subject is important to health and safety learning.

  • school nurse – confidential drop-ins and health advice
  • local police – danger of replica firearms and community policing
  • youth leader – drugs education
  • fire fighter – dangers of playing with fire

Vocational and Taster Courses / Master Classes

In Year 8+9 students who show interest and ability are invited to enjoy short courses (usually afternoons or a single day) at Leicester College, De Montfort, Leicester and Loughborough Universities.  These courses have, in the past, been funded by Government and were most appreciated by those taking part.  Now school still works with Universities to provide the experiences but we have to ask for contributions towards transportation.

Year 9 Enrichment

On a Friday afternoon, Year 9 have the opportunity to choose new courses that will either deepen their skills and knowledge of an aspect of the curriculum, or broaden their experience. These courses run for 6 weeks and are assessed through the Personal Learning and Thinking Skills framework. Below gives a taster of the different courses available, although the details will vary from one module to the next.

  • The Duke of Edinburgh with Mr Birt
  • Sports Leadership with Mr Birt
  • Friday Feasting with Ms Bowls
  • The Newbridge Book Club with Mrs Whitham
  • Boxercise with Mr Birt
  • Photography with Mrs Greene
  • Karate Shotokan with Mr Little
  • Music Technology with Mr Little
  • Gardening with Mrs Perkins
  • Trampolining with Mr Birt
  • Woodwork 1 (Picture Frame / Mirror / Chessboard) with Mr Pallatt
  • Woodwork 2 (Small table / Bookcase) with Mr Pallatt
  • Machine Embroidery with Mrs Bowles
  • Fabric Jewellery with Mrs Bowles
  • Fabric Art with Mrs Bowles
  • Disability Sport with Miss Marlow
  • Basic First Aid and CPR with Miss Marlow
  • A Taste of Dance with Miss Sheppard
  • Creative Dance with Miss Sheppard
  • Still Life Drawing with Mrs Marshall

Current Enrichment Courses