Covid 19 – Home Schooling

Student Expectations – What students are expected to do following the school closure:

Students are expected to check Insight everyday – which will guide them to the materials that have been set by their teachers for that particular day. 

Teachers will set work by 9am each day. Students will follow their current timetable whilst the school is closed. 

Monday 18th May is the first day of the next and final group rotation for Combined Arts groups in years 7 and 8.

  • Food goes to Music
  • Music goes to Art
  • Art goes to Design
  • Design goes to Food

New groups from the 18th to the end of the year: 

Food = 704/708/804/808
Music = 701/705/803/807
Art = 702/706/802/806
Design = 703/706/802/806

Students are expected to read the instructions from their teachers carefully, and apply themselves fully, in order to complete all of the work that has been set. Students are expected to read every day for at least 30 mins and do some Physical exercise. 

Completing work:

Where work has been set using Google classroom and/or an online toolkit (e.g. Seneca or google classroom) this work will be completed online.

Where work has been set which requires students to write, draw etc…Students can evidence their work by uploading a photo to google drive / google classroom.

The google suite can be accessed by any device via the school website or the specific apps such as google classroom.

If your child is having trouble logging on contact and one of our Technical team will help.

They can do work on google docs/sheets/slides or on paper and take a photo, then submit on google classroom Or completed on paper at home.Or completed in the students’ Knowledge Organiser Workbook.

We expect all students to bring their completed work into school once the school reopens, if they have not submitted online.

In addition to this, students can also access their Knowledge Organisers on the school website, as well as the Stretch and Challenge activities. Revision for all subjects is advised, students may wish to also revise previous topics covered.

The expectation is that all work is completed by 3:10pm of that day

Please keep your eye on the Newbridge / Apollo Website to keep you updated re government guidance for educational settings during this unprecedented time.

Covid 19 Information

The Apollo schools are following government and Public Health England guidelines.

The Government have announced that schools will be closed at the end of day 20/3/20 to all students, with the exception of
identified students & children of Key workers.

Mental Health & Well Being

Health and well-being is a mixture of physical, mental and social factors which can change over time and vary depending on different stages in life. Your health and well-being may not always be in a positive state and many things can affect this.

Useful Links & Resources

We have put together a list of useful resources. 

Safeguarding children is everybody’s business. If you have a concern about a child whilst schools in the area are closed, it is important that you report this.

iPad Self Help Guides

Having problems with your iPad? Email or view our self help guides.

Staying Safe Online

We have put together some information about staying safe online, if you area student or parent and would like to contribute to this section email

Apollo has put together a list of useful links and resources, which is available here.

Below is an additional list of useful  websites students can access in addition to or they may be directed to by staff.

Useful links for additional work and revision:


Username for all years is year they started at Newbridge their initial and surname e.g. 19wshakespeare. 
Password: for Y7: Newbridge19, for Y8&9: newbridge
Students enrolling after the start of Year 7 may have the following username format: WilliamShakespeare19

Maths: logins in google classroom videos and worksheets, plus 5 a day sheets – no logins needed logins in google classroom logins in google classroom logins in google classroom