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Mr J Wilson

Bardon Hill

Did you know that Bardon Hill was once a volcano?   How many times (to the nearest whole number) would you have to climb Bardon Hill from sea level to reach the same height as Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world? Email your… Read More »Bardon Hill

Fruit puzzle

Solve this puzzle:   Send your answer to  


‘A student at Newbridge School Thought chewing in class was cool He sat on his bum Where others left gum And now he feels such a fool!’   Can you make up a limerick about Newbridge? Email it to Three housepoints for the best… Read More »Limerick

Capital cities

There is only one capital city in the world starting with the letter Z. What is it and how far is it from London by plane?   Email your answer to Mr Goacher. First correct answer receives 3 house points.

Leicester City Maths

In the Premier League, what percentage of Leicester City goals have been scored by Jamie Vardy? Email  your answer to Mr Goacher. First correct answer earns 3 housepoints.

Lateral thinking

The fireman Acting on an anonymous phone call, the police raid a house to arrest a suspected murderer. They don’t know what he looks like but they know his name is John and that he is inside the house. The police burst in on a… Read More »Lateral thinking

Thinking puzzle

The farmer and the river A farmer has to get a sack of corn, a chicken, and a fox across a river. He is only able to bring one of the above items along with him at a time. If he leaves the fox alone with… Read More »Thinking puzzle

Lateral thinking puzzle

    2 + 2 = FISH 3 + 3 = EIGHT 7 + 7 = TRIANGLE How can this be? The first correct answer explained in an email to Mr Goacher wins 3 housepoints! Congratulations to Ben Humphries 8E and Reece Oldknow 8E, who have… Read More »Lateral thinking puzzle

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