Design & Technology


Within Product Design students undertake a variety of design and make projects. Students will develop a wide range of skills including creative thinking, problem solving, team work and becoming independent learners. Alongside this all projects will develop student’s practical skills. Students will get to use a variety of machines, tools and materials to create their design ideas including laser cutters, 3D printers and a 3D scanner. With the new purpose built technology suite students have access to the latest technology to bring their design ideas to life.

There are excellent cross curricular links throughout all projects and embedded in to all projects are literacy and numeracy elements.

Students in year 7 and 8 will complete two projects in Product Design, a 4 week project followed by a 5 week project. In year 9, pupils who have selected Product Design will undertake an 18 week course that is divided in to 2 projects to prepare them for the design option they select at GSCE.

Over the 3 years at Newbridge, students will cover a wide range of Design topics including electronics, resistant materials and graphic design in order to allow students to experience a broad design curriculum.

Year 7

All year 7 projects will focus on students developing student’s self-manager skills.

  • Health and Safety
  • Core design (2D and 3D drawing, materials, smart materials, Computer Aided Design)
  • Structures – Bridge Building (Year 7)
  • Design and making a wooden storage box including CAD/CAM (Year 7)

Year 8

All year 8 projects will focus on students developing team work skills

  • Packaging design including CAD/CAM
  • Electronics, understanding circuits and programming circuit boards
  • Gears, pulleys and mechanisms

Year 9

Both year 9 projects will focus on students becoming independent learners and developing their creative thinking skills. Pupils can select either a graphic design option or resistant material option for each project depending on what they want to study at GCSE.

  • Sustainable design (electronic speaker circuit and speaker design)
  • Interactive children’s toy (wooden toy or interactive book


Students have the opportunity to build on skills learnt in Product Design at our Product Design Club. Projects have included making the pantomime scenery for our Christmas pantomime as well as entering design competitions, jewellery making and mini racing cars!