Art is 1 of 4 subjects within the Art, Design and Technology department. The other 3 being Product Design, Food Technology and Computing. Students are taught in block rotation in all 3 years and will use skills learned in all areas through out the department. All students are provided with a sketchbook to record their ideas and to develop their skills.

Within Art, students are encouraged to experiment, be creative and enjoy using a variety of media. They are also encouraged to develop their skills and learn to use different media in a verity of ways to express their own ideas through the study of a range of artists and art history.

Year 7: Introduction to the use of materials and basic techniques, focusing on colour as the theme.

Year 8: Looking at the art and crafts of different cultures and exploring the meanings behind the art work and its relationship to traditions and beliefs.

Year 9: Students develop their own art work based on their studies of a range of artists and craftsmen both local and international. They will also complete an in-depth study of a given artist and design and produce a final piece based on their own studies.