Activities Week 2019

You are now able to explore the exciting options available for Activities Week 2019.
Students are to consider the options and make three choices, in preference order, as to what they would like to do in Activities Week.

Students will need to be logged into their account on the website to make their choices.  They will need to click on the “Apps” icon found on the grey tool bar (this will only be visible when the student is logged into their account).  Once this menu is selected, they should select ‘2019 Activities Week’.  Please complete the form and press submit to make your choices.

Activities Week at Newbridge is one special week during the Summer Term when the normal school timetable is put to one side so that each student has the chance to take part in something very different.

This Year: Monday 8th July 2019 – Thursday, 11th July 2018

All the courses last for 4 days.  This means that a student stays with the same staff and group for the four days which gives them the opportunity to become fully involved in an activity whilst gaining new skills and experiences within a stable group.This is part of our enrichment curriculum that we have held onto over the years and valued for very important reasons:

  • It provides a safe, structured opportunity where our young people can enjoy new experiences and gain new skills.
  • It gives them confidence to achieve in different year groups.
  • It gives the chance to be active, to participate, take on responsibility and show maturity.
  • It is a time to find out about new interests, hobbies and places to visit that will make you more aware of what you can do in the future.
  • The whole week is one of sharing, learning together, getting on with people in an atmosphere of trust and with a huge sense of fun.

Once you have made your choices click this link to make your choices.

If you are having problems accessing the choice form from an iPad – Please make sure you are using google chrome.

Any queries should be directed to Mrs Greene.


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