ACE Curriculum and Assessment

Assessment and Reporting

The National Curriculum no longer defines assessment ‘levels’ and schools are therefore required to devise a curriculum and assessment system to identify, measure and track progress. Secondary schools in the Ashby and Coalville partnership (ACE) have been working on a common system since September 2014 and began to use it to assess learning and  progress from September 2015. We are constantly refining and improving the details of our assessment criteria so that our students are helped to aim high and achieve more. We have also taken account of the changes in primary curriculum and assessment at Key Stage 2 and the changes to GCSE at KS4.


  1. To provide a common agreed standard of attainment for Years 7-11 in all national curriculum subjects.
  2. To identify and measure progress within and across school year groups.
  3. To set clear targets against which progress can be measured.
  4. To report to students and parents in as clear a way as possible.

The Pathway Model

Subject groups across the ACE partnership have agreed statements of attainment for 5 pathways, differentiated according to standards on entry. The pathways have been written to build in high expectations for students from KS2-4.

These pathways are described as follows:
* The GCSE grade here is an aspiration for which the pathway statements of attainment will provide the building blocks. It should not be seen as a predictor of future performance.



Target setting

Each year, students will be set an expected pathway in line with the above model. This expected pathway will be informed by: average KS2 score, baseline test, and previous year’s attainment for students above Year 7.

The way that this is set, communicated to students and their parents, and addressed through teaching and learning, is left to the individual policy and practice of each school.


Learning will be assessed during the year using the above colours/descriptors. Feedback and next steps will be given with reference to the statements of attainment for the relevant pathway. Support and intervention will be targeted for those students who are not meeting their expected pathway criteria or are not yet secure (green). Data in relation to students working at each of the 5 pathways and in relation to progress from their KS2 average score will form the basis of school self-evaluation of outcomes.