Accelerated Reader

Reading is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to help your child be successful. For this reason, I am writing to inform you of a scheme the school has invested in to guide pupils in their reading.
Accelerated Reader helps pupils keep track of whether they are reading enough, how many words they have read and whether what they are reading is challenging enough. When your child has read a book, they complete a quiz on it. Accelerated Reader currently has over 25,000 quizzes available. These can be completed during library lessons, at lunchtime, at homework club or before the school day begins. Passing these quizzes will contribute points towards their personalised points target. Each time they pass a test at 85% or more they receive points. If your child reaches their target they will receive a certificate and prize, but most importantly, they will have increased their reading ability. There will be a new target for each term. The current one ends at Easter.
Your child has already done a reading age test which gives pupils an indication of the difficulty of book they should be reading. This comes in a numerical range. Most books in the library are labelled by difficulty and your child should aim to read between the range that their teacher has told them.
If you have purchased books for your child, you can see whether they are on Accelerated Reader at
Thank you for your support in helping your child achieve their potential. If you have any questions, please contact me or refer to the Accelerated Reader website.
Yours faithfully,
Chloe Whitham
Curriculum Leader – English