World of Work Day 2017

Students AIM HIGH at Newbridge

Year 7 and 8 Students at Newbridge High school in Coalville took part in a special WORLD OF WORK DAY.

On the 16th June when an amazing 56 visitors brought their expertise and experiences into the classroom.

This popular Careers theme day has broken all records this year with so many visitors offering workshops and sessions on:

  • The emergency services ( ambulance/paramedics and fire department)
  • Law and safety (Solicitor and Police)
  • Armed services (R.A.F. and army cadets)
  • Personal services ( Aromatherapy, reflexology, hair and beauty)
  • Performing arts (dance and music generation)
  • Working with animals (exotic species, voluntary care)
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • International HR
  • Property development
  • Transport
  • Land Management
  • Caring for others including childcare

Year 9 students were learning outside the school, work shadowing their parents for the day in the work place.

Judi Warren, Deputy Headteacher said: “This is always one of the most popular days in the school calendar when students begin to see how their learning in the classroom every day is essential for their development towards a successful career. They begin to realise the huge variety of opportunities available to them if they aim high.”

Objectives for the day:

  • To help students to develop an awareness of the demands of work and the various skills/abilities/knowledge required
  • To widen horizons of a variety of careers, further education and volunteering
  • To enable students to recognise and value personal learning and thinking skills common to many careers and opportunities
  • To enable students to see the relevance of their studies at school
  • To help students to be more aware of their likes, dislikes and aspirations
  • To help students to understand and value the concept of “life- long learning”


We would like to thank all our guests who have helped to contribute to a fantastic day.