What to do if…

Your child is absent from school:

Telephone: 01530 276448

Newbridge operates a “first day call” system for attendance.  This means that if your child is away from school and we do not have contact from home, the office will call you automatically to check.  It is much better if parents call us first on 01530 276448.

The first call system alerts parents early if students are not in school as a matter of child safety.

We appreciate it when parents/carers keep us fully informed by phoning school first thing in the morning, keeping us updated by letter or phone calls about prolonged absence.  Students should aim for 100% attendance to be in school to learn.

Attendance of below 95% automatically triggers investigations from the Attendance Improvement Officer.

Should a student’s attendance continue to give cause for concern following intervention by the Attendance Improvement Officer, further steps will follow.  This would mean referral to the Legal Department at County Hall, with the possibility of legal proceedings and prosecution.

All absences other than illness should be explained in advance if possible on the above number.  Before or after a medical appointment please present a medical note to the office.  Absence for medical appointments should generally be for either a morning or afternoon session.

It has been proven that lower than 95% attendance (more than 10 days off a year) affects achievement.  Holidays must not be taken during school time.

We strongly recommend at least 95% attendance, and reward good attendance in our praise and rewards systems.

You are concerned that your child is being bullied:

What parents can do:

  • Watch for signs of distress in your children. For instance, they could be unwilling to attend school, feel unwell regularly, have missing equipment or be “losing” money.
  • Discuss cyber-bullying with your child:  explore the tools available together and know how to report nasty messages.  Save the evidence.  DO NOT REPLY, the bully is looking for a reaction.
  • You can discuss legal issues relating to cyber-bullying.
  • Take an active interest in your child’s social life – discuss friendships, how Lunchtime is spent, and the journey to and from school.
  • Inform the school immediately if you feel your child may be a victim of bullying behaviour. Your complaint will be taken seriously and a plan of campaign worked out together. Keep a record of who you told.
  • Keep a written record if incidents persist. It will be painful but it will provide supportive evidence regarding WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN. Keep us informed.
  • Don’t encourage your child to hit back. It often makes matters worse.
  • Make sure your own son or daughter knows there is nothing wrong with him or her. It is not his or her fault. Know that the school welcomes and appreciates your involvement whether you suspect or know your child is being bullied or is bullying.
  • The school has materials available for you to have or borrow, such as ‘Kidscape’ leaflets, and give you contact numbers of helplines, etc.  Call the school on (01530) 831561.
  • Useful websites offering support and guidance:
  • If you feel your child may be bullying please get in touch. We can help.

What we do to stop bullying:

  • Reward good behaviour with:
    • Praise
    • Merits
    • House points
  • Letters to parents
  • Have staff on duty before and after school, at Break and at Lunchtime.
  • Employ Lunchtime Supervisors.
  • Provide supervised Lunchtime activities or clubs.
  • Conduct regular surveys.
  • Recognise achievement of all kinds.

What We Do When Bullying Occurs:

  • Listen to all who are involved.
  • Inform the parent.
  • Involve appropriate people.
    • the Form Tutor
    • the Pastoral Managers
  • Provide safe and supervised areas.
  • Provide counselling to all concerned.
  • Draw up a contract of agreed behaviour.
  • Make people aware of the consequences of their actions and remind them of the Code of Conduct.
  • Remove privileges or place pupils in detention.
  • Move pupils within a year group.
  • Exclude pupils if required.

Very rarely will all of these strategies be used for one particular incident.

Newbridge is a community and bullying undermines all the work that we do. Remember we believe that everyone has the right to come to school without fear. We do not accept bullying in any form.

You are concerned about your child’s progress:

Speak with your child in order to find out difficulties within school.

Contact school to speak with the subject teacher or head of department.

If you feel your child has additional needs, Mrs Farragher, the SENCO is available by contacting the school on 01530 831561.

Your child’s latest report can be accessed online via: www.go4schools.com/parents

You feel your child is struggling with friendships:

Contact your child’s tutor via the school and speak to your child about the situation.

Your child has no money for lunch on their account:

Your child will be issued with a voucher for a meal at lunchtime only. You will be shortly contacted in order to arrange repayment to the school.

You are concerned for the wellbeing of another child:

You can contact the school with your concerns during school hours.

Contacting the right person:

Making contact with the right person first should help in most instances:

AbsenceOffice StaffPersonal MatterTutor or Pastoral Manager
Alcohol/SubstancesPastoral ManagerProgress / GradesTeacher or subject leader
BullyingTutor or Pastoral ManagerPunishments issuedTeacher or Pastoral Manager
Safety IssueDeputy or Assistant Headteacher
ClassworkTeacherSerious MatterHeadteacher
FriendshipsTutorVandalismBusiness Manager
Lost PropertyOffice
Medical MatterOffice Staff
MoneyOffice Staff

Counselling Services:

The school’s counsellor meets with certain students weekly.  Meetings are arranged through the Pastoral Team.  She can offer bereavement counselling too.

Useful Websites:

Advice & Support for young people in Leicestershire:





The school nurse texting service can be contacted on: 07537415801. This is a 24 hour help line which offers a confidential service and text back advice for young people.

Activities for out of school hours, go to: www.nwldc.co.uk for a directory