Social Media

In this section we will try and explain what social media is, we will look at some of the common forms of social media,  how it is being used and what we can do to make it safer.

What is social media?

Social media is a very broad term used to cover a large range of websites, the common link between them is that users are able to create and share content, interact with the website and other users.

social media – noun: social media; plural noun: social medias

websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

  • Once something goes viral you can’t stop it!
  • 37% Of Employers use Facebook to Pre-Screen Applicants before inviting them to interview.
  • What is written on social media may be seen by more than the intended audience.
Minimum age limits:
Many social networking platforms – especially Facebook – have minimum age limits (for Facebook, for example, it’s 13) and built-in child protection features which are only activated for children aged 13-16. If the child claims they are, say, 21, these features are switched off. It is crucial that children do not lie about their age.Under these child protection features, harassment and bullying reports go to the top of the queue for 13 to 16-year-olds and material is more likely to be deleted by Facebook. Also, uninitiated contact by an adult who has no friends in common or other connections to a child will be automatically flagged by Facebook, and all chat, posts and messages will be monitored for an unspecified period
-possibly up to six months. If there’s anything of concern it will get forwarded by Facebook to law enforcement. However, this only happens if the child is between 13 and 16 and has provided their correct age.


Facebook is a popular free social networking site that allows users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends and family. It’s important to keep your profile information secure and private,

Read Facebook’s Rules

Facebook Privay Settings

Report to Facebook

Facebook Safety Centre

Videos courtesy of Smart Safe Social. please watch as guidance only.


Twitter is a free micro-blogging site that allows registered users to broadcast short posts called ‘tweets’. Twitter users can broadcast tweets to other users and follow friends, celebrities or companies they are interested in.

Read Twitter’s rules

Reporting to Twitter

Twitter settings

Videos courtesy of Smart Safe Social. please watch as guidance only.


Snapchat is a popular mobile app that allows you to send pictures and videos that automatically delete after a desired time. Profiles can be public or hidden.

Videos courtesy of Smart Safe Social. please watch as guidance only.

For more information about Snapchat and staying safe visit the SnapChat Safety Center



Read Instagram’s rules 

Report to Instagram

Instagram Safety Centre

.Videos courtesy of Smart Safe Social. please watch as guidance only.


Read YouTube’s rules

Report to YouTube

YouTube Safety Centre

We advise not to use:

  • Chat Roulette
  • Omegle
  • oovoo
  • younow