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Usage Statistics:

  • One in ten 5-15s (11%) go online only through a device other than a laptop, netbook or desktop computer. (Source: Ofcom)
  • Children are becoming more and more likely to use a mobile phone to access the Internet.(Source: Ofcom)
  • Facebook has over 1.4 billion registered users. (Source: Facebook)
  • The average person on Facebook has 338 friends. (Source: PEW Research 2014)
  • 12-15s are twice as likely to say they would miss their mobile phone than the TV. (Source: Ofcom)
  • There are over 100 billion searches on Google each month. (Source: Google)
  • There are over 500 million Tweets every day. (Source: Twitter)
  • The number of text messages sent in the UK is falling (now estimated at just 170 per person per month) in favour of instant messaging (such as WhatsApp). (Source: Ofcom)
  • Children aged 5-15 have increased their weekly online time by an hour and 18 minutes in the last year to 15 hours (Source: Ofcom 2016)
  • One in five 3-4’s (21%) and close to one in five 5-15’s (18%) use only an alternative device, and not a desktop, laptop or netbook, to go online at home, more than in 2015. This change is being driven by an increase in the number of 3-4’s, 8-11’s and 12-15’s using a tablet to go online and in the number of 8-11’s going online on a mobile phone.(Source: Ofcom 2016)
  • The likelihood of having a social media profile increases with age; 0% of 3-4’s, 3% of 5-7’s, 23% of 8-11’s and 72% of 12-15’s have a profile. The biggest increase comes between ages 10 and 11, when the number with a profile doubles from 21% to 43%, and there is another sharp increase between 12 and 13, from 50% to 74%. (Source: Ofcom 2016)
  • One in ten 11-15’s are still communicating via social media at 10pm (Source: Ofcom 2016)

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